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09 October 2008

Random Things That Make Me Happy + Please Advise

  • Today is my birthday and I have the GREAT PLEASURE of sharing it with my totally magnific twin sister, J-Bird! Happy Birt'day Birdie! I love you like a red bean loves rice, only way more.
  • Cool temperatures outside+ jeans + cardigans = merriment and mirth
  • sugar-free jello + fat free whipped cream = zero points
  • I'm going to Canton at the end of this month! GOOD GRAVY, I'M EXCITED!
  • birthday dinners with my people (my dawgs)(whuttup G's?)
  • a night out with my Stretch that will include a stop at the very famous, very delectable (maybe you've heard of it?) Taco Bell. What can I say? I have a weakness for sauces from the hot and pico families, and evidently for a boy named Stretch.
  • a sweet baby boy that loves playing pee-pie and hugging his Mama... mmm, such good hugs.
  • superb/delicious/happy-day finds (half off) at Hobby Lobby with which to feather my nest.. like these knobs that I am completely, head over heels, hopelessly in lurve with:
Exhibit A. The knob. $2-- Two American Dollars. One ninety-eight, actually.

Exhibit B. $3. THREE DOLLARS! I bought two.

  • the color I've decided on for our bathroom! *squeal* It's called Hint of Mint. In anticipation of it's supreme charm, it's already my favorite room.
  • the kids' faces when they saw the opossum that had magically climbed into our trash can during the night but couldn't find his way out. Opossums is sooo dummmbb.
  • and lastly, but perhaps most importantly, there's the outside chance that I might fall into a rather large vat of RediWhip and have to eat my way to freedom. I hope that happens really soon.
What about you? Anything floatin' ya boat? Tell me and we can all be happy together. :)

Also - (and this is the part where I need your help) what is your opinion on these twiggy wreaths above our sofa? Personally, I'm just wondering if they look right or if there is just too much roundage going on there. I can't decide. Is there too much circular action happening with the oval frames underneath?

I'm posting two pictures so that you can get a better feel for what we're dealing with here, and also so that you can feel better about the pile of laundry you have on your sofa. No one should suffer alone, as they say. [or as they should say]

So, what'cha think? Holla at ya girl.

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Tonja said...

the wreaths give it a modern flair, from a distance...b/c i can't really tell that they're wreaths...so i don't know how i really feel about them :)
but, definitely a lot of round going on...


Amy Comeaux said...

Happy Birthday Jodie. I hope you have a wonderful day! About the wreaths, they are nice, maybe a little small in scale, but nice. Love you!

Stretch said...

Can't wait for our delectable dinner tonight!
Love you this much! (arms stretching wide wide)

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...


You young little thing you.

I wish I could comment on the circles...but I can't get past my yellow envy in order to do it...LOVE LOVE LOVE the yellow!!

Anonymous said...

WAIT - How is it YOU have cooler weather and I don't??? Writhing in jealousy over here!

But anyway, Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy your TB and time with the hubby!

And about the room... I too LOVE the yellow, but it does look like an awful lot of round. Perhaps changing it up would give you another excuse to go to Hobby Lobby??? ;) (You can blame me if Stretch complains.)

Bridget said...

Happy Birthday!! Sounds like the perfect day to me, but I'd go with Taco Time.

I love your room! I think the roundage is a bit much, but I hate to tell you that on your birthday so go with what you want. My couch looks just like yours- the laundry anyway.

Tante D's better half said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Jodie
Happy Birthday to you

And happy birthday to Jamie, too!

I can't wait to go grub with you!

Oh, and I LOVE the hint of mint! You gonna love dat on ya wall, guh!

A-Pal's room is Paris Mint. So pretty and fresh!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Jodie! I hope you have an amazing day...and it sounds like you will, if it involves birthday dinners with your peeps and Taco Bell. Mmmmhmmm.

I am not against the wreaths at all, but I think it might be a tad too round. Not sure. I'm not very good in the decorating department, so I'm not the one to ask. :)

Also...it looks like we have sisters that share the same name. Sweet!

Way More Homemade said...

Happy Birthday!

You're brave to go to Canton. I avoid that place like the plague. Too many people and too much funnel cake. Kinda like the fair.


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Happy belated birthdays. October babies rock!

Carlie Faulk said...

I'm a little late on this one ~ sorry!!

Happy Birthday late!!

Ok ~ I like the wreaths personally, but not the oval things (what are they? I can't tell. maybe you could switch them to rectangular shaped somethings (I know ~ you need a dictionary for that one) maybe the rectangular picture frames where you can put three cute 4 x 6's in? Just a thought ~ lol!

BTW ~ we love Taco bell here too. :)

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

OH MY GOSH JODIE!!! I MISSED YOUR DAY!! What a terrible blogging friend I am...I am SO SORRY!

I have been CRAZY and today was literally the first day I got on here. Even this morning was just to post and then rush to get ready for church. OH I feel awful.

I sure hope you had a GLORIOUS day! If it was anything like this post, it sounds PERFECT! :-)

Love you! Forgive me?

beautiful disaster said...

Taco Bell sauces = yum. (Is it wrong to forego the burrito and eat the sauce right out the packet?)

Awesome knobs! Where will you be installing them? I must know.

And a vat of RediWhip! Delightful.

bren j. said...

Those wreaths make me think of bubbles which makes me think of tasty lime pop. mmm.....

But I'm all for long and angular art. Like long mirrors or photos or something. Perhaps you could frame a scarf - that would be long and rectangular.

Happy taco belling!