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15 October 2008

Birthday Happenings (which I forgot to tell you about).

I realized that I posted all of my would-be birthday plans and never came back with the follow-up of what actually went down.

Here it is:
1. Fireproof movie: somewhat cheesy but still good. Overall rating: 7.5
The lady sitting directly next to me-- the lady who shared my armrest, blew her nose a lot and her phone rang at least once during the movie. If it had not been my birthday, which makes me uncharacteristically jolly, I may have slapped her. Or you know, glared at her, in the dark. (her performance did not affect the overall rating of the movie)
(Also, why is Kirk Cameron muggin' down with a lady that's not his wife??)

2. New sushi restaurant, instead of Taco Bell. My craving for TB is yet to be satisfied, but I am very grateful for another sushi place in town that can share my heart with our long-time favorite. It was yummy. We ate a roll called Ryan's Hot Mama. Obviously a place with personality.

3. Then on to Starbucks, as per "the plan". Certainly worth the late night caffeine rush.

And then we got home and danced in the driveway to Billy Joel, She's Got a Way.

[this is the part where all of the girl's swoon]

A perfect night.

Well, except for the snot lady.

And then the next morning, when I got in the van to take the kiddies to school, She's Got a Way was secretly, covertly placed inside my CD drive, poised to play when I started the engine.

Sweet man.

[this is the part where all of the girl's swoon][again]

Happy Birthday to me.

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bren j. said...

Except for the Snot Lady (gack! sicko!) you cleaned up, girl!

And now I'm going to go find out what the movie is about. I've never heard of it.

Tonja said...

the woman Kirk Cameron was smooching WAS INDEED his wife! Kirk refused to kiss any besides his wife...so his wife stepped in and they made it look like the other actress.

and on a different note...i'm definitely swooning :)

Rachel said...

Sweet indeed. Good job on your hubby's part!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Oh my yes. I'm swooning, girl. That song is perfect to dance to in the driveway. :) So glad you had an awesome birthday!

Amy Comeaux said...

Well I was going to tell you about Kirk Cameron's wife but someone beat me to it! I loved the movie and am going to see it again tonight (with hubby this time). So glad you had a good Birthday! Love ya!

Jodie said...

Thanks for clearing that up about KC. Stretch and I were remembering that his wife was the blonde, Hattie Durham, in Left Behind. Don't ask me how I remember that. That movie was so cheesy. I'm glad to know this chick was his wife. It never dawned on me that there might be a stunt double. Good to know. ;)

Amy Comeaux said...

Ok, the woman that played his wife in the movie is NOT his wife....his wife just stepped in for the kissing scene. That is why you only see a silhouette of them kissing....

Jodie said...

Yeah, I understand. I probably just wasn't very clear in my last comment. His real wife stepped in for the kiss. She was the stunt double. It's all clear now. :)