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06 October 2008

Fall Into Flavor I

I called this Fall Into Flavor "I" on the outside chance that I actually manage to do this more than once. I mean, I may, but it's sort of a heavy commitment and putting that kinda pressure on myself... really, man, it just sort of like, "harshes my mellow", ya knowww?

So, here's my first Fall Into Flavor. Pumpkin, to me, is a flavor that is quintessentially Fall, and so, I present to you, a very, very simple (and yummers) pumpkin recipe that tastes exactly like Fall.

I like Fall. Fall tastes's gooood.

Apple Cinnamon Pumpkin Muffins
Take this (Fiber One Apple Cinnamon Muffin Mix):

Mix well with this (15oz can of Libby's Pumpkin) and only this (no water, eggs, oil, etc.):
Bake muffins or sheet cake according to pkg. directions and voila! Eat Fall!

(For all my Weight Watchers people, these puppies are only 2 pts. per muffin, and very filling, which will deter me you from eating the whole dozen.)

For more Fall Tasties, get thyself to Linda's. That's where I'll be! And you may want to fix yaself a lil' snack before you go, as it's bound to make you hungry like the wolf.

6 people love me:

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

These look fantastic! And doubly so, since they are WW approved. Perfect.

Life In Progress said...

Oh, I did the Fall Into Flavor carnival today, but you're recipe is WAY healthier than mine!! You're so good.

These sound awesome. My girls would adore them. I do something similar by mixing a chocolate cake mix with a can of pumpkin. That's it! It's one of my husband's favorite desserts.

Rachel said...

Oh yum! I love fall recipes too! Unfortunately my best pumpkin recipe involves lots of chocolate chips, so not exactly WW friendly. I'll have to try these!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This is simple enough for me, for ME! Yay! I've just got to find that muffin mix now. I'll let ya know ....

bren j. said...

Hey those look pretty good. Any idea where they sit on the sugar content scale?

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Did you see the link you left on Fit Fridays??

Oh, the IRONY!!!!!!!!