Word Up - It's Time to Get Wordy!

Word of the Day
I really do not know that anything has ever been more exciting than diagramming sentences. Gertrude Stein


All up in the family
Tonja - My gracious, ever-encouraging sister-in-law

Lea - Encouragement and wind in my sails
Chel - Sweet friend, and wise.  Thus, sweet and wise.  Like an owl.  :)
Nat - Funny + Silly to the nth degree
Annie - Clever as can be
Annie - Hilarious and witty and precious and also, inspirationative
Serena - A wordsmith offering daily grace
Sue - Let the laughing commensicate
Heather - Breathtaking pictures; makes me a better nester
Scott - Laughs aplenty, laughs galore -- must be plenty busy as of late because he is gone - gone like a fart in the wind
Missy - Fun; I'd really like to know her in real life
Tim & Em - Cutest couple, most perfect letters
Bren - Instant friend from O' Canada
Rachel - Sweet, sweet girl who is as beautiful as she is sweet
Daphne - A lil' slice of home... so, my home slice?  :)
Jackie - One day I hope to hug her neck.  Precious, precious woman whom I adore.
Wendi - Strong + Courageous + Genuine
Rachel - Occasional postings of obscurity and witticisms
Ree - Word Nerd soul sista + Tasty little morsels to fill my belly
Jonathan Acuff - Endlessly entertaining stuff
Lots of Scotts - Teaches me so much about mothering
Tina - Writer, Mother Extraordinaire - makes me appreciate being a mother
Melanie - Even though I know her to be a very funny person, her humor still catches me by surprise
Sarah Markley - Brave, Transparent & Lovely
Anna - She quit posting for a while but her archives are an absolute trea-to the-sure; I recommend her as thoroughly and as wholeheartedly as possible!
Beck - A real writer; a real funny and real melancholy writer, whom I like very much indeed.