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I really do not know that anything has ever been more exciting than diagramming sentences. Gertrude Stein

24 July 2010

Denouement and The Alpha

As it concerns this blog, I've done some thinking and I've decided on some things. 

-1- The name feels long and exhausting to me.  I want something short.  One word.  So I'm pulling an Adele August.  Who knows?  Maybe before long I'll get a really good deal on a sweet, gold Bimmer and all of my problems will be solved by going for ice cream.

It could happen.

[I always thought it was Beamer
but I was wrong. I got taken to school.]

- 2 - This is my last post here.  I'll be spending the week sprucing up my new crash pad, and that's where I will be hereafter.  There's alot I like about this place and at first I was hesitant to start over, but I think that a fresh start is what's best for me now.

- 3 - I'm starting a new feature over yonder.  Calling it The Sunday Six... where every Sunday, I list 6 things I love (complete with links, in case you fall in love too and must have these things for your own self!) I know you just can't wait so guess what?! Today being Sunday...

I won't make you! 

May I now introduce to you,

The Sunday Six: The Alpha

[and the crowd goes willlllldddd!]

one, two, three and four
[tell me that you love me more]

This outfit: a perfect marriage of cuteness and comfort.
I'd prefer a red print cardigan.  Only I couldn't find one I really loved. So the gray one is a good stand-in.  I like it alawt.


Because that outfit was begging me for something red:
I give you this little pretty.

This boy, whose birthday is today. 
Happy Birthday you precious boy!
I love you more than a thousand baby bunnies.

And that's all she wrote!
See you all at my new casa, lovelies! xo, Jodie

13 July 2010

My New Favorite Condiment

I was born a mayonnaise girl.

[Any time I say 'I was born...',
I think of The Jerk, and Steve Martin saying,
"I was born a poor, black man."]

No burger or sandwich-type-thing is even worth the trouble without it in my estimation.  Wellllll, I recently decided to go vegan.  Regular mayo is a no-no on the vegan train, so what was I to do?   Would I really have to be without my beloved? Nobody likes a sad ending.

I didn't have high hopes of finding a replacement as I've tried other types of NON-mayo before and unless you like yours to look and taste like watery, soupy white filth, well then.  Insufferable.


Enter Vegenaise!  [cue super-hero noise] I don't know quite how to pronounce it but who cares!  It makes me happy!

It also makes me want to eat cucumber sandwiches all day long! 

I'm not sure why I'm telling y'all this except that it is great news and great news must be spread.

Much the same as Vegenaise.  [du du doosh]

The End and Amen.

06 July 2010

A mother sees mischief. A grandmother, genius.

There are lots of words I could use to describe my third child to you. I could give you a lengthy list of adjectives: boring to read, but the antithesis of boring to live with.

Instead, I give you this:

Once upon a time, a small boy, only two, 
wanted to do something really badly,
as small boys of two are apt to do,
but his mother disallowed it.  
Undeterred, the small boy 
went into the kitchen 
and spilled a cup of juice.
As his mother knelt to clean it, 
he smiled and ran off 
to the very thing she had made 
unmistakably clear he could not do.

His grandmother's love this story.

02 July 2010

Fakebook Update : A Tall Order

My status:

Jodie needs a good red lipstick, please?  Taking suggestions.  I know you're all beauty mavens, so help a sista out. 

Also, it would help if you were brunette with blue eyes and an olive complexion.

Also also, let it not be $20 lest I go without glamour forever.