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24 July 2010

Denouement and The Alpha

As it concerns this blog, I've done some thinking and I've decided on some things. 

-1- The name feels long and exhausting to me.  I want something short.  One word.  So I'm pulling an Adele August.  Who knows?  Maybe before long I'll get a really good deal on a sweet, gold Bimmer and all of my problems will be solved by going for ice cream.

It could happen.

[I always thought it was Beamer
but I was wrong. I got taken to school.]

- 2 - This is my last post here.  I'll be spending the week sprucing up my new crash pad, and that's where I will be hereafter.  There's alot I like about this place and at first I was hesitant to start over, but I think that a fresh start is what's best for me now.

- 3 - I'm starting a new feature over yonder.  Calling it The Sunday Six... where every Sunday, I list 6 things I love (complete with links, in case you fall in love too and must have these things for your own self!) I know you just can't wait so guess what?! Today being Sunday...

I won't make you! 

May I now introduce to you,

The Sunday Six: The Alpha

[and the crowd goes willlllldddd!]

one, two, three and four
[tell me that you love me more]

This outfit: a perfect marriage of cuteness and comfort.
I'd prefer a red print cardigan.  Only I couldn't find one I really loved. So the gray one is a good stand-in.  I like it alawt.


Because that outfit was begging me for something red:
I give you this little pretty.

This boy, whose birthday is today. 
Happy Birthday you precious boy!
I love you more than a thousand baby bunnies.

And that's all she wrote!
See you all at my new casa, lovelies! xo, Jodie

2 people love me:

myletterstoemily said...

i will miss this sweet and funny place.

i already love your new stretchy blog,

bren j. said...

Funny, I've been thinking the SAME thing about my blog name but can't decided if I want to commit to starting a new one or not. I've got a name picked out and everything....maybe this fall when things slow down around here.