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13 July 2010

My New Favorite Condiment

I was born a mayonnaise girl.

[Any time I say 'I was born...',
I think of The Jerk, and Steve Martin saying,
"I was born a poor, black man."]

No burger or sandwich-type-thing is even worth the trouble without it in my estimation.  Wellllll, I recently decided to go vegan.  Regular mayo is a no-no on the vegan train, so what was I to do?   Would I really have to be without my beloved? Nobody likes a sad ending.

I didn't have high hopes of finding a replacement as I've tried other types of NON-mayo before and unless you like yours to look and taste like watery, soupy white filth, well then.  Insufferable.


Enter Vegenaise!  [cue super-hero noise] I don't know quite how to pronounce it but who cares!  It makes me happy!

It also makes me want to eat cucumber sandwiches all day long! 

I'm not sure why I'm telling y'all this except that it is great news and great news must be spread.

Much the same as Vegenaise.  [du du doosh]

The End and Amen.

3 people love me:

myletterstoemily said...

well, little vegan, i am so happy you
found a great replacement. you
could not wrestle my mayo away
from me for anything.

but, i am totally game to give your
vegenaise at least a try.

ps. i was born a black opera singer.

Mama Belle said...

Wait ... what?

bren j. said...

Vegan?! Umm....why?
It took forever to track down Vegenaise when my sister-in-law got married a couple years ago but they *HAD* to have it for the potato salad.
Mayonnaise, at the best of times, is HORRIBLE, so why anyone would want to make a vegan version of it is beyond me....glad you're happy though.