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I really do not know that anything has ever been more exciting than diagramming sentences. Gertrude Stein

29 October 2008

Safety Tat Giveaway

Today is awesome! And I'll tell you why.

I recently learned of a product called Safety Tat and was so very excited that I sent out an email to just about every Mom in my address book! I didn't know that something like this existed and I'm thrilled about it because I think it is genius! What mother hasn't worried about her child's safety?

Today, my lucky lucky friends, you are eligible to win one of three most impressive prizes from Safety Tat! I contacted them and asked if I could host a giveaway here and they said yes!

WIN one of three Quick Stick Write-On Safety Tat 6-pack packages!
Here's what Safety Tat says about this product:
Our Quick Stick Write-On! Is a waterless application and comes in two
designs "Tat" and "Tessa" (pictured above). Quick Sticks last an extra long time: up to two
weeks. It is waterproof.

Our Original SafetyTats are available in a large variety of designs. Original SafetyTats
require water to apply. They last between 1 and 5 days.
We suggest a new Original SafetyTat be applied each day. Also waterproof.

A few (but not all) of the other designs available for purchase:
The Allergy Alert really caught my attention. Having children with allergies, some severe, can be frightening. I can't always be everywhere my children are, so these would ease my mind tremendously.

How to Win:
1. Go and have a look around the Safety Tat website. Come back here and tell me which tat is your favorite.
2. Be sure to include a valid email address in the body of your comment. If you are uncomfortable publicizing your email address, you may also email me and leave your comment that way.
3. I will randomly draw winners on Monday, November 3rd.
4. I'll contact you by Tuesday, November 4th to let you know you've won. That's it!
For more FREE STUFF, check out the Bloggy Giveaways Carnival!

Let the jollification commence!

It's finally time!

Time to go to CANTON Trade Days! We leave tomorrow. The drive is seven hours, y'all. Seven. I should be thankful though, because it allows me precious, and much-needed, time to knit. And knit I shall.

I have a great deal of work ahead of me so that I can finish my Christmas projects. I'll try to finish 2 scarves on this trip, and then I think I'm gonna jump tracks and do the next two in completely different styles. I'm thinking maybe something like this: [no needles and crying required] [or seven hour road trips] [This new style may become my new addiction. Because you know I'm always looking for a new one.]

Personally, I think scarves are great gifts because they're wallet-friendly and no one will think you're cheap for buying an inexpensive gift because the real investment is your time.

However, that is not to say that expensive gifts are tacky or less worthy of our love. I love gifts of all kinds. I do not discriminate. Gifts are my secondary love language. A veryvery(almost too close to call)close second. {The first is time, in case you're wondering.}

Take for instance, these shoes.

I would be supremely happy to own these. In fact, I have convinced myself that I NEED them. I've got it on good authority that they are quite comfortable and I need a stylish and comfortable shoe to traipse around New York when that time comes. [squeal] So, you can see, I neeeed these. They are not, however, wallet-friendly.

I'm gonna have to save my pecans [puh-kahns] to buy these. And I will.

You can bet I will.

Because those red shoes (which I will heretofore refer to as Walking On Sunshine)? They can save the world. I just know it.

Or maybe just the day. Either way you look at it, they're magical.

So if you're in the gifting mood, I'd be happy to be your chosen recipient. But only for your sake, so that you can know the joy of giving. Because I am a giver.

Otherwise I'll just buy them with my Christmas money. Christmas money is the bomb.

Have a good weekend y'all! See ya on Monday!

27 October 2008

It's a good thing that love knows not ugly.

Today is my sweet Sugarhead's 4th birthday! She is so pumped and declared this morning that she's "almost five now".


Too almost.

Happy Birthday, sweet girl. I hope that deep in your heart you know that we embrace you into our family; that we accept you and love you so much. I hope that that truth never leaves your heart. I'm so glad you're ours.

As part of our girl's special day, I promised cupcakes or something of their likeness for snack time at school today. I found a recipe for Cake Balls a few months ago and have been waiting and waiting for her birthday to try it out because they are SO. SO. CUTE. And they look very tasty.

Sugarhead decided she wanted strawberry cake with strawberry icing because, well, it's pink, and nothing else matters.

This is my sad, sad attempt. I had "issues" with the chocolate. I think I know where I went wrong, so I know what to change for next time. I seriously hope to get the hang of these because I would like them to become standard birthday fare around here. The possibilities are endless. And so is the cuteness. {Go click around Bakerella's Pop Central if you don't believe me.}

So here, in all their ugliness... my cake balls.

You may notice that I chose to drizzle instead of dunk, due to may aforementioned issues with the chocolate. You may also notice that I tried (to no avail) to salvage them and attempt to elevate their cuteness with pink candy sprinkles. But the sprinkles? They did not cooperate.

Much to my chagrin.

But I figure, hey, my target audience falls between the ages of 3 and 4 years old... they know not ugly sugar.

Even when that sugar is absolutely butt ugly.

Happy Birthday sweet girl! I hope your cake balls make you happy! :)

25 October 2008

Bad Jokes

that lead to fits of giggles.

Knock Knock

Who's there?

(yes, that's it.)

Or how about Sweet Pickle's ever-popular...
Knock, Knock
Who's there?
Banana who?
Banana rotten squirrel.
(which may also be interchanged with: Banana rotten... playground/popcorn bag/skunk/stop sign/fill in the blank with whatever they see within their personal space at the moment and follow with fits of laughter and giggles into balled up fists)

Apparently, the word rotten added to anything equals hilarity, and "banana" is standard for whomever might be knocking at your door.

22 October 2008

{Glitter & Dust}

I couldn't decide which of these I liked better. So, I give you both. How lucky are you? [So very.]

I had hoped she would love these in exactly this way... in the same way that The Boy loved the Velveteen Rabbit.

To pieces.

These are in the beginning stages of feeling that kind of love. They are just as they should be.

21 October 2008

You may find yourself very underwhelmed.

I think it's awesome when people bring camera's on trips so that they can later fill ALBUMS with documented evidence of their good time, and then those people leave the camera in their purse except for that one picture at lunch:

{{ BFFs }}

Me & Mama Belle on the beach. (Thank you for the picture! I stole it from your site!) I think it should be noted that this Wonder Woman headed up this whole trip! It's probably safe to say it wasn't quite as relaxing for her as it was for the rest of us. Thank you Mama, 'cause you did us right!

These next few shots were taken when I got home. I wanted to show y'all my booty.


I meant my plunder and prizes.

A little of what I bought. (Perfume, earrings, Christmas decorations, hair bows, etc... in some of my favorite colors -- pink, red, gold, mint)

Pale pink mixing bowl that makes my heart sing like a little birdie. And look, sweet birdies! And some really bright & happy red beaded garland for my Christmas tree! Three of 'em to be precise. Everything in this shot cost me $12. Ya girl is tight.

Coin purses! Shiny coin purses! Two dollar and fitty cent coin purses! The pink one's for Sugarhead's stocking. Don't tell her. I want her to be surprised. We don't actually give her money, mostly because we don't actually have any, but she can pack some bingo chips or something in there to weight down her purse. It's called Life Prep, people. She needs to learn early that purses generally weigh more than the human head. If it doesn't, you're not doin' it right.

You'd be surprised at how often you need that extra spoon and tiny action figure you lug around in there. You cannot be caught half-steppin'.

Sorry I don't have more pictures, though. I may have built up the anticipation too much when I said something to the effect of "pics coming soon". I would've had more but some idiot kept her camera in her purse the whole time.

Well, except for that one shot at lunch.

20 October 2008

Ice Breakers

If you could be invisible, where would you go?
To see NKOTB in concert again. Then I would've have to be all embeerassed in front of all the other 12 year olds hollerin' out Joe's name.

What was your favorite book growing up?
I remember loving the book, Rascal by Sterling North. It was about a raccoon. If I ever come across a copy of it, I will snatch it up with supreme delight.

Where is the worst place you've ever had to wait?
In jail. Fo' shizzle.

Name a food that nauseates you.
Spam. Even the word nauseates me.

If you could read minds, whose would you want to read?
My Dad's. The man is a mystery to me.

What is the worst grade you've ever gotten? In what subject?
An F in Physics. The only reason I ever graduated was because I cheated so much in order to pass that one class. [Rachel: thank you and I'm sorry I did that to you.][But really, you were like my Obi-Wan Kenobi. I needed your help. You were my only hope.]

If you could be an animal, what would you be and why?
Eeeaazzy. I'd be a unicorn. Because I would be fascinating and have a glittery horn.

If you were a teacher, what grade would you teach?
Grammar, because I LOVE to diagram a sentence. I like words like "present participle".

How close to first place have you ever gotten in a limbo contest?
Second place. Which falls right after first.

If you decide to play along and answer these too, please please oh please, tell me so I can come read your answers! Thanking you. :)

19 October 2008

How-To: Come Home Happy

I just returned from Gulf Shores. [read: I just returned from the beach and tons of shopping.] I think it's probably needless to say this, but we had us a really good time. There were about 75 of us altogether. Seventy-five persons of the female persuasion.


That is aLOT of estrogen.

And let me just go ahead and get the absolute HIGH. LIGHT. of the trip out of the way before we move on to the other particulars.

I came in second in a limbo contest.

Second. [That's right after first.]

To a really cool teenage girl.

There is a good ten year span between us, and roughly [cough] 5 lb. bodyweight difference. Give or take about 55 lbs. You can barely tell though.

The only difference is that she scuttled under that bar swift and speedy-like... think: crab. While I moved by tiny haf-inch hops and shimmies and was eventually destroyed and brought low by the extra Meow Mix on my bottom, and frontal development I have accumulated over the past few children.

The important thing is I made it. Mostly.

Too bad we weren't playing a good ole-fashioned game of hand grenades instead of tryin' to drop it like it's hot, because then almost would'a counted and we'd have both won.

My abs are still sore today. Wanna know what we were playin' for? The Grand Prize (the only prize) was a $5 gift card to Wal-Mart.

I can spend $5 at Wal-Mart.

And so.

I limboed. (Limbo'd?)

Mmmhmm. I wish you could'a seen it.

I wish I could'a seen it.

And then other than that, I put my feet in the sand and salt water, shopped and ate some delicious food and we drove for 17 (or maybe 6) hours both ways and talked and laughed and talked and talked and laughed and talked.

Oh, and I knitted, too. Which made me seem about 44 years older.

[And that fact alone makes that limbo contest all the more grand.]

Knitting on the road... I just call that effective travel.

(While others called it Meir Meir and Granny. And "old".)

Our itinerary looked something like this:
--Hit the beach
--Meet for supper in pj's and play games, eat chocolate, and laugh until security comes a-knockin' and tells some people to put a sock in it
--Wake up, check-out and shop from 9 to 5
--Return home somewhere between 9 and 11pm

My favorite part of that schedule is that it neither mentioned nor involved things like:
--refill sippy cup
--wipe snotty nose
--rid your olfactory's of the offensive odor coming from your child's hiney area
--wake up at 4am to get cup of milk for crying baby
--get up from supper to break up fight in back of house and try to convince your children (again) that they are best friends, while they stare blankly at you, completely not buying it
--growl, glare and huff around in general

Getting away was clearly all things wonderful. And I came home feeling relaxed and calm and halcyon (calm, peaceful).

October really is my birthday month. And this year, it has been particularly good to me.

On a completely unrelated, random note, my son asked today why Jasmine (Aladdin) shows her belly button and it took a lot of restraint for me not to say "because she's a floozy".

Clearly my children are in good hands.

**trip pictures coming soon**

16 October 2008

I should really be packing.

47Yes. Shameful. I know.
However, in my defense, you had to name colors from their list. Things like light blue and tawny didn't count and everybody knows those are real. I even went for aubergine. I mean, come on. Aubergine. That color test is not nearly extensive enough for me. I'm just too smart for it.

Oh, but colors like Zinnwaldite, Harlequin and Smalt... those make the list. Isn't harlequin a black and white diamond shaped pattern? It ain't no color in my book. I can tell you that.

Clearly, I am too smart.

67 wordsWord.

72%ow Addicted to Blogging Are You?

How long could you survive in the vacuum of space?
I think they overestimate me.

Name That Robot
I was certain of two: R2D2 and Rosie. The only two that could be helpful to me. Where's MY droid??

The Blog-O-Cuss Meter - Do you cuss a lot in your blog or website?


Then why am I beat by only 3 kids every single day?

I must not be fightin' dirty enough. I need to understand that these kids are merciless. I have underestimated them.

15 October 2008

Birthday Happenings (which I forgot to tell you about).

I realized that I posted all of my would-be birthday plans and never came back with the follow-up of what actually went down.

Here it is:
1. Fireproof movie: somewhat cheesy but still good. Overall rating: 7.5
The lady sitting directly next to me-- the lady who shared my armrest, blew her nose a lot and her phone rang at least once during the movie. If it had not been my birthday, which makes me uncharacteristically jolly, I may have slapped her. Or you know, glared at her, in the dark. (her performance did not affect the overall rating of the movie)
(Also, why is Kirk Cameron muggin' down with a lady that's not his wife??)

2. New sushi restaurant, instead of Taco Bell. My craving for TB is yet to be satisfied, but I am very grateful for another sushi place in town that can share my heart with our long-time favorite. It was yummy. We ate a roll called Ryan's Hot Mama. Obviously a place with personality.

3. Then on to Starbucks, as per "the plan". Certainly worth the late night caffeine rush.

And then we got home and danced in the driveway to Billy Joel, She's Got a Way.

[this is the part where all of the girl's swoon]

A perfect night.

Well, except for the snot lady.

And then the next morning, when I got in the van to take the kiddies to school, She's Got a Way was secretly, covertly placed inside my CD drive, poised to play when I started the engine.

Sweet man.

[this is the part where all of the girl's swoon][again]

Happy Birthday to me.

13 October 2008

I am bilingual. I speak music.

I've been the happy recipient of new music as of late. Three new artists, to be precise. Each living in my CD player for days and days, until the lyrics are written all over my heart and I can sing until my throat hurts.

Which I have.

It started with JJ Heller.

Then came Jason Gray, who is termed "Christian music's best kept secret", and so he is.

Now it's Brooke Fraser's turn to grab my heart and be my favorite.

I tried to post a sampling for you. I really did, but for whatever reason Playlist is not cooperating. I'll see if I can do it from another site...

The albums I love so dearly are:
JJ Heller, Painted Red. Download FREE here. (Until November 1st)
Jason Gray, Lovely Losers
Brooke Fraser, Albertine

09 October 2008


Look at this!

Would you look at this?!!

I am way more than a little jealous that my nieces got a picture with MY FAVORITE SUPER HERO. Not fair. But I'm so glad they sent it to me as my birthday card... Lucky girls.

And look at all those fun words! She's a walking dictionary! I wanna be just like her when I grow up. (Yeah, I know she's only 10. Shutty.) I just learned that halcyon is a synonym for happy! Who knew?

Thank you so much, Rainey's, and WORD GIRL ! {You rock! I love you. You are awesome and magnificent and fantastic! CALL ME!} {Word Girl, you can totally call me, too! Don't be scared. Holla at ya girl!}

(Yeah, I'm saying "holla at ya girl" again. What about it? It's my blawg. I'm the Queen. Back down.)

Random Things That Make Me Happy + Please Advise

  • Today is my birthday and I have the GREAT PLEASURE of sharing it with my totally magnific twin sister, J-Bird! Happy Birt'day Birdie! I love you like a red bean loves rice, only way more.
  • Cool temperatures outside+ jeans + cardigans = merriment and mirth
  • sugar-free jello + fat free whipped cream = zero points
  • I'm going to Canton at the end of this month! GOOD GRAVY, I'M EXCITED!
  • birthday dinners with my people (my dawgs)(whuttup G's?)
  • a night out with my Stretch that will include a stop at the very famous, very delectable (maybe you've heard of it?) Taco Bell. What can I say? I have a weakness for sauces from the hot and pico families, and evidently for a boy named Stretch.
  • a sweet baby boy that loves playing pee-pie and hugging his Mama... mmm, such good hugs.
  • superb/delicious/happy-day finds (half off) at Hobby Lobby with which to feather my nest.. like these knobs that I am completely, head over heels, hopelessly in lurve with:
Exhibit A. The knob. $2-- Two American Dollars. One ninety-eight, actually.

Exhibit B. $3. THREE DOLLARS! I bought two.

  • the color I've decided on for our bathroom! *squeal* It's called Hint of Mint. In anticipation of it's supreme charm, it's already my favorite room.
  • the kids' faces when they saw the opossum that had magically climbed into our trash can during the night but couldn't find his way out. Opossums is sooo dummmbb.
  • and lastly, but perhaps most importantly, there's the outside chance that I might fall into a rather large vat of RediWhip and have to eat my way to freedom. I hope that happens really soon.
What about you? Anything floatin' ya boat? Tell me and we can all be happy together. :)

Also - (and this is the part where I need your help) what is your opinion on these twiggy wreaths above our sofa? Personally, I'm just wondering if they look right or if there is just too much roundage going on there. I can't decide. Is there too much circular action happening with the oval frames underneath?

I'm posting two pictures so that you can get a better feel for what we're dealing with here, and also so that you can feel better about the pile of laundry you have on your sofa. No one should suffer alone, as they say. [or as they should say]

So, what'cha think? Holla at ya girl.

07 October 2008

Some of me in Imagery

1. HOW OLD ARE YOU? (...until tomorrow)

2. WHAT IS YOUR MIDDLE NAME? (minus the Antoinette)



5. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE COLOR? (I can't be nailed down to one... and you know this, man!)



(...although this guy's magnific, too!)

Knitting: It Changes You

I'm am up to my ears in yarn. (Actually it's just up to my ankles but that lacks the dramatic punch I'm going for.) I don't know what got into me, but I promised 4 little people that I would knit them each a scarf for Christmas. (Ack!)

I'm about 2 inches into the first two scarves and my fingers already hurt. (Aaacckk!)

(I'm starting to feel like that comic strip character, Cathy. You know the one. She's always pulling her hair in all directions and saying things like, "Ack!" and "Give me chocolate!", and there's the sweat flying everywhere.)

I am going to die.

But a promise is a promise. And if you don't count the bloody fingers, each scarf only costs me around $5, give or take, which makes for a very wallet-friendly Christmas gift. Plus it's a scarf. Hand-knit(ted). It'll seal my fate as the coolest Aunt & Mama ever.

That, or it will totally morph me into a Granny by December.

Give me chocolate! AACcckkk! [sweat, sweat, sweat]

06 October 2008

Fall Into Flavor I

I called this Fall Into Flavor "I" on the outside chance that I actually manage to do this more than once. I mean, I may, but it's sort of a heavy commitment and putting that kinda pressure on myself... really, man, it just sort of like, "harshes my mellow", ya knowww?

So, here's my first Fall Into Flavor. Pumpkin, to me, is a flavor that is quintessentially Fall, and so, I present to you, a very, very simple (and yummers) pumpkin recipe that tastes exactly like Fall.

I like Fall. Fall tastes's gooood.

Apple Cinnamon Pumpkin Muffins
Take this (Fiber One Apple Cinnamon Muffin Mix):

Mix well with this (15oz can of Libby's Pumpkin) and only this (no water, eggs, oil, etc.):
Bake muffins or sheet cake according to pkg. directions and voila! Eat Fall!

(For all my Weight Watchers people, these puppies are only 2 pts. per muffin, and very filling, which will deter me you from eating the whole dozen.)

For more Fall Tasties, get thyself to Linda's. That's where I'll be! And you may want to fix yaself a lil' snack before you go, as it's bound to make you hungry like the wolf.

05 October 2008

Legacy Left

People don't remember what you say. They remember how you've made them feel.

03 October 2008

She saw me, and then I saw myself.

On my way home from dropping the big kids off at school Friday morning, Puddin' sneezed and made a mess, so I pulled onto the shoulder of the road to wipe his face.

The traffic gets a little backed up on that particular road most mornings and so stopped there was the usual line of cars. I looked up and saw a woman looking at me. What happened next gripped me. It was so simple and yet, so touching, because it is SO. RARE. She saw me. She smiled a true smile and mouthed the words, "Do you need help?"

There was no hesitation. No pause. No second-guessing. No concern that our skin wasn't the same.

It shook me awake.


Because if it had been me and I had seen what she was seeing, my response would have been very different.

I'll tell you what I would've done.


I probably would've given her a quick glance (scanning her face for distress), offered an unconvincing, fake half smile and driven off to wherever I was going.

Because mentally I would be doing this:
... If she is in distress she probably already called somebody because everybody has a cell phone.
... Help is probably on the way.
... I really need to get my cranky baby out of this car.
... I'm in my pajama's looking ratty, and besides, what can I do anyway? I don't know anything about cars.
... What if she thinks I'm staring at her and being rude?
... What if she doesn't like white people?
... Oh look, the traffic is moving now. Too late.

I feel like I relate to Paul when he calls himself chief of all sinners.

What struck me this morning was not only that someone cared enough to ask me if I needed help, but that she saw me. I think we're mostly invisible to each other. Which is why this has given me such a jolt.

Also, there's the issue of racial difference. I'm ashamed to admit this but I notice it. I see color. It's something I wrestle with within my own heart. It's ugly. Maybe it's a regional thing, but there's so much general antagonism on both sides here. Obviously it's not every person, but it's certainly clear on both sides. And the thing I wrestle with is not about worth or equality or anything like that. Please don't misunderstand me. It's fear of strangers. I am afraid, not ONLY of, but especially of other nationalities. People scare me.

So if I had been on her side of the street this morning, I would've thought, if that girl needs help, she probably doesn't want it from me. And I'd probably be wrong. Everybody wants kindness. Right?

Her tiny act of kindness reached my heart. I felt actual physical warmth in my chest. And I just kept looking back at her.



Mouthing "Thank you".

My own heart convicting me.

Lord, you have given me the mind of Christ. Help me to walk in it.

02 October 2008

Lysol: It punishes the plague of death but keeps friendship alive.

My sweet friend Holly, who is always looking out for me, loaned us some top dollar valuables last week. She had recorded both Survivor and The Office and then let us borrow them so we could watch them at our leisure (lezh-er, not lee-zher) this week. She's a gem. (Who loaned us Jim.) Thank you Holly.

I returned the tapes today so that she can record tonight's shows.

But you may recall we've all been plagued with a filthy pestilence that has caused us to toss our groceries both day and night. I called Holly earlier this morning to tell her I'd be coming, but we wouldn't stay for a visit, but instead I would honk 3 times and throw the tapes onto the grass of her front lawn. Actually that's just silly. I didn't say lawn. We say yard.


I also said, "You might want to put some Lysol on dat."

She met me outside with her trusty spray and did indeed spray Lysol all over those tapes. Then she left them outside for the sun to burn off any filth and putrescence that may remain. Sunlight is powerful stuff y'all.

And who wants to mess around with the pathogens that almost killed 4 out of 5 people.

I wouldn't take my chances. Even to watch a re-run of The Office.

01 October 2008

Happy Birthday Mama Belle!

Surprise! Never saw this coming, did ya? No, of course you didn't. Because we're like stealth bombers. Incognito. Dropping videos of you across the web in our invisible hover crafts under the cover of darkness. We're like, The Birthday Unit. (My code name is Pegacorn in case you need to talk to me all undercover-like on the walkie talkie's. Roger that? Over and out.)

What you see below is a short video intro for a series at our church. That sultry voice doing the vocals? That's Mama, right 'ere.

Impressive huh? And so cute! Daphne is talented, y'all. A while back she did a post about how talents should be limited - you know, shared amongst all the people, and that one shouldn't have both gifts and good looks - that it wasn't fair to everybody else. (Guess she didn't realize she was one of the girls she was hatin' on, because she definitely has both.) *^_^*

I'm lucky enough to know Daphne in real life, too. I get to go to her house (that one time) and play games and eat food together. And you know, have her take bad pictures of me and post them on her blog without necessary photo touch-ups that make me look so remarkable as to elicit disbelief.

Which is my preferred "look", by the way, if I can manage it.

But this is not about me. It's about Mama! Happy Birthday Mama! I'm glad to know you. Hey, maybe this'll be our year, huh? To know each other outside of the church halls and more inside of clothing establishments and Starbucks! That would make for a pretty good year, right?

Other people are participating too, to make Mama Belle's birthday the best EVER! Click over to their sites - they have videos too! DIFFERENT videos! Because she's got skillz.

Y'all remember that old song from way back in '94?... (I googled it. You can't expect me to know EVERYTHING!)

"Yo, Jam, who's that girl I saw you with the other day?"
"Man, that's this little cutie back from around the way, D!"
"She was the bomb, right"
"You know it!"
"But, you wanna know something else?
"What's that, man?"
"She's got crazy skillz."
"Uh check it out."
"Check it out."

WARNING: The rest of that song is not what I would call family-friendly, so don't go download it onto ya IPOD. Just sayin'.

Go check out her skill set:

I pray this is your best year yet!