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02 October 2008

Lysol: It punishes the plague of death but keeps friendship alive.

My sweet friend Holly, who is always looking out for me, loaned us some top dollar valuables last week. She had recorded both Survivor and The Office and then let us borrow them so we could watch them at our leisure (lezh-er, not lee-zher) this week. She's a gem. (Who loaned us Jim.) Thank you Holly.

I returned the tapes today so that she can record tonight's shows.

But you may recall we've all been plagued with a filthy pestilence that has caused us to toss our groceries both day and night. I called Holly earlier this morning to tell her I'd be coming, but we wouldn't stay for a visit, but instead I would honk 3 times and throw the tapes onto the grass of her front lawn. Actually that's just silly. I didn't say lawn. We say yard.


I also said, "You might want to put some Lysol on dat."

She met me outside with her trusty spray and did indeed spray Lysol all over those tapes. Then she left them outside for the sun to burn off any filth and putrescence that may remain. Sunlight is powerful stuff y'all.

And who wants to mess around with the pathogens that almost killed 4 out of 5 people.

I wouldn't take my chances. Even to watch a re-run of The Office.

2 people love me:

Anonymous said...

"She's a gem. (Who loaned us Jim.)"

You are so stinkin funny!

Putrescence? That has become my new word.

Hope ya'll get feeling better soon!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Anybody who will loan you Jim and then spray Lysol is a true friend.

Hey, do you know about Hulu.com? You can go and watch all of the episodes of The Office (plus a bunch of other stuff) for free. It's what gets me through my workouts. :)