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27 October 2008

It's a good thing that love knows not ugly.

Today is my sweet Sugarhead's 4th birthday! She is so pumped and declared this morning that she's "almost five now".


Too almost.

Happy Birthday, sweet girl. I hope that deep in your heart you know that we embrace you into our family; that we accept you and love you so much. I hope that that truth never leaves your heart. I'm so glad you're ours.

As part of our girl's special day, I promised cupcakes or something of their likeness for snack time at school today. I found a recipe for Cake Balls a few months ago and have been waiting and waiting for her birthday to try it out because they are SO. SO. CUTE. And they look very tasty.

Sugarhead decided she wanted strawberry cake with strawberry icing because, well, it's pink, and nothing else matters.

This is my sad, sad attempt. I had "issues" with the chocolate. I think I know where I went wrong, so I know what to change for next time. I seriously hope to get the hang of these because I would like them to become standard birthday fare around here. The possibilities are endless. And so is the cuteness. {Go click around Bakerella's Pop Central if you don't believe me.}

So here, in all their ugliness... my cake balls.

You may notice that I chose to drizzle instead of dunk, due to may aforementioned issues with the chocolate. You may also notice that I tried (to no avail) to salvage them and attempt to elevate their cuteness with pink candy sprinkles. But the sprinkles? They did not cooperate.

Much to my chagrin.

But I figure, hey, my target audience falls between the ages of 3 and 4 years old... they know not ugly sugar.

Even when that sugar is absolutely butt ugly.

Happy Birthday sweet girl! I hope your cake balls make you happy! :)

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Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

Hey - don't knock the choclate. I am hungry for one. And you are so right about your target audience. :)

I love the way you love your family. :) Isn't it crazy how fast they grow up??

I just noticed that the text above the comments box includes the words: pass wind in my general direction. That doesn't make me think happy thoughts.

Tonja said...

HA! I'm laughing about the "pass wind" comment! I agree...I hope you're not smelling what I'm thinking :) and that is not at all what you want us to "pass" you :) lol!!!!

ok...about the cake balls...they're still cute! really! can anything REALLY be ugly with chocolate on it? REALLY!
But, since it didn't match the pic in your mind, I'm glad you still have 2 weeks to perfect them for the party :)

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

i think they look delicious.

Happy Birthday, Sugarhead!

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

I totally agree with Tonja...chocolate and ugly just don't go together. There's nuthin ugly about chocolate on pink. :-)

I would eat one (or two, or...) and never think another thing about them but "yum!"

Happy Birthday, Sugarhead! It's the least I could do to wish YOU a happy birthday ON your birthday...since I missed your mom's.

beautiful disaster said...

Your cake balls are like a Jackson Pollock painting. This is in no way a bad thing.

Try this: http://www.jacksonpollock.org/ it's sort of like making virtual cake balls. (hint: click the mouse and you'll get a new color)

An Accomplished Woman said...

I tried the cake balls also and did not have much better results the first time. But by the third time they actually started to look good.

You did a fantastic job and at least you tried. I love your blog. Come visit my Halloween gingerbread house disaster at my blog.....we still don't talk about it.

Anonymous said...

I'd never even heard of cake balls before this post (much to MY chagrin). And you're right, children love all types of sugar. So good job, Mom.

(They actually don't look that bad. Better than anything I could do anyway. I love anything with copious amounts of chocolate.)

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

I think they look just fine, and since I am sugar-deprived right now, I'd eat just about anything that has the word "cake" in it.

Happy birthday, sweet Sugarhead! I am sure she loved them.

bren j. said...

I'm sure they were enjoyed and hey, at least this way you can see the pink cake. I just came back from that website. I SO need an occasion to make these! MAybe for Thanksgiving I can figure out how to make turkey pops....or just pilgrim hate. or maybe just pumpkins. that would be easier. :)