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29 October 2008

Let the jollification commence!

It's finally time!

Time to go to CANTON Trade Days! We leave tomorrow. The drive is seven hours, y'all. Seven. I should be thankful though, because it allows me precious, and much-needed, time to knit. And knit I shall.

I have a great deal of work ahead of me so that I can finish my Christmas projects. I'll try to finish 2 scarves on this trip, and then I think I'm gonna jump tracks and do the next two in completely different styles. I'm thinking maybe something like this: [no needles and crying required] [or seven hour road trips] [This new style may become my new addiction. Because you know I'm always looking for a new one.]

Personally, I think scarves are great gifts because they're wallet-friendly and no one will think you're cheap for buying an inexpensive gift because the real investment is your time.

However, that is not to say that expensive gifts are tacky or less worthy of our love. I love gifts of all kinds. I do not discriminate. Gifts are my secondary love language. A veryvery(almost too close to call)close second. {The first is time, in case you're wondering.}

Take for instance, these shoes.

I would be supremely happy to own these. In fact, I have convinced myself that I NEED them. I've got it on good authority that they are quite comfortable and I need a stylish and comfortable shoe to traipse around New York when that time comes. [squeal] So, you can see, I neeeed these. They are not, however, wallet-friendly.

I'm gonna have to save my pecans [puh-kahns] to buy these. And I will.

You can bet I will.

Because those red shoes (which I will heretofore refer to as Walking On Sunshine)? They can save the world. I just know it.

Or maybe just the day. Either way you look at it, they're magical.

So if you're in the gifting mood, I'd be happy to be your chosen recipient. But only for your sake, so that you can know the joy of giving. Because I am a giver.

Otherwise I'll just buy them with my Christmas money. Christmas money is the bomb.

Have a good weekend y'all! See ya on Monday!

8 people love me:

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

I love this post for oh so many reasons.

Jollification...what a great word.

Those shoes: You definitely need them. NEED.

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

I love that you love words. Words are my primary love language. I love your handy dandy little word of the day thingy. Now words are failing me - thingy?

Any way...moving on. The shoes are ADORABLE! And I want to know how to make that scarf for real. :)

Rachel said...

You crack me up (WHY do I start every comment with that?).

When we lived in north LA we were only 2 hours from Canton. Talk about tempting. Have fun! And I agree with Sarah - you NEED those shoes. I think I need them too!

An Accomplished Woman said...

You definitely need those shoes...I make scarves to give too. Thanks for your comment. I love your word of the day. I visit your blog daily.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Walking on Sunshine...that's perfect! And they are super cute...it's not often that you find the perfect combo of cute and comfy, so save those puh-kahns, girl.

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Red and I have a love/love relationship, so I'm with ya on the shoes. Dee-lish. :-)

And I tell you what, that scarf is down right cute, too. Kee-yoot.

And so are you, BTW! (squeal!)


Tonja said...

have a blast in canton...have a blast knitting!...and i hope you find "walking on sunshine" there as a surprise at a much discounted price...in your size!


bren j. said...

Argh. I'm in the process of shoe shopping for ME and it is NOT going well.

When are you going to NY again?