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I really do not know that anything has ever been more exciting than diagramming sentences. Gertrude Stein

31 December 2007

Oooh, I love me some good words.

I was on a hunt to find good quotes the other day.
Because I love words. And I want to embroider some good words to hang on my walls, and maybe give as gifts too if I can bear to part with them. So I thought I'd share some.

Because I like to share.

Here they are:

The years teach much that the days never know. -Emerson

No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each other's worth. -Robert Southey

Govern a family as you would cook a small fish -- very gently.

One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating. -Luciano Pavarotti

Silent gratitude isn't much to anyone. -G.B. Stern

Oh! Do not attack me with your watch. A watch is always too fast or too slow. I cannot be dictated to by a watch. -Jane Austen

Outside the open window
The morning air is all awash with angels. -Richard Purdy Wilbur

Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children. -C. Swindoll

There are two ways to live your life.
One is though nothing is a miracle.
The other is as though everything is a miracle. -Albert Einstein

I should be content
to look at a mountain
for what it is
and not as a comment
on my life. -David Ignatow

Criticism is only words about words, and of what use are words about such words as these?

Do you have any good quotes that you just love? What are your favorites? Want to share them? We all have a place in our hearts that loves good words.

Oh! And Happy New Year!

30 December 2007

W X Y and Z

My Sweet Pickle and I were watching Super Why and after we sang the Alphabet Song I realized that he had learned all of his letters at school. In my excitement I said, "Hey! You learned all of your letters! You know all of them now"!

He said, "Yep. Well... all of 'em except and."

I love that boy.

27 December 2007

My man delivered.

I am so fired up. My husband has outdone himself this year. My Christmas gift is quite possibly the best I've ever had from him. I'm having trouble remembering years past because I'm blinded by the shinyness of this year's gift. I am now the proud recipient of 6 weeks with my very own personal trainer! And he paid for childcare for the month too! I could not be more thrilled!

SIX WEEKS. MY OWN PERSONAL TRAINER! I swear it feels like I've wanted that my whole life. I can't think of anything that I'd like better.

And then on top of that, as if this cake needs icing, he made arrangements for our 3 kiddies yesterday so that we could spend a few hours together scouring antique shops. And although it's probably in my top 5 favorite things to do, it's somewhere near the bottom of his list, probably next to like, having someone else cut his toenails. So for him to make arrangements so that we could go and do it together - huge! We drank Starbucks and dug through dust collectors. It was bliss. I've been smiling for days.

My man is THE man. Speaking my language, and filling my love tank. Who could ask for more?

18 December 2007

Moongolian neighbors and other futuristic notions

Today on his morning radio show, Stretch and his lovely co-host, DJ M.A., were talking about how back in the day, 2008 seemed so futuristic. DJ M.A. said that when she was growing up in New Orleans, her family thought that probably by this time we would get around in spaceships instead of driving cars. You know, like the Jetsons.

Stretch seemed shocked. They weren't taught that in Ville Platte.

I was listening to their conversation and completely agreed with DJ M.A. I may have even said "yeah" out loud in agreement with the Jetsons era remark. We were taught the same thing. I distinctly remember my mom saying things like, "y'all will probably be in spaceships instead of driving cars by the time y'all are in college." Because 2008 was sooo futuristic.

Apparently Ville Platte's not progressive like New Orleans and Port Barre.

Now if only I could figure out how to program synthetic brownies like Jane Jetson. Maybe that's something they only learned in Mamou.

06 December 2007

Peppermint Mocha

Look closely. See that little caption at the bottom?


That's all I have to say about that.

02 December 2007

It's De-lightful. It's De-licious. It's De-lovely.

Ok, if you're like me, you love a good, simple recipe, so here's mine for my absolute favorite oh-so-very-simple salad. It combines some of my favorite food-loves.

1. Every salad needs a good foundation, and this is my new salad obsession. Sweet Butter Lettuce. Oh my. I eat it all by itself sometimes. So soft and creamy.

2. Crumbled feta cheese. If I'm ever on death row, this cheese will be part of my last meal, along with Granny's pork roast gravy and probably some cotton candy. Hey listen, you gotta plan for your future. Don't be caught half-steppin'.

3. And if I use any dressing at all, this is it. I've tried others but I keep coming back to this one. It's my salad crack.

Well, happy grazing. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Don't Listen to Prince - Let's NOT Go Crazy, Let's NOT Get Nuts

Christmas day is rapidly approaching, and maybe you're feeling the heat to get out there and get the PERFECT gifts, and the pressure is starting to get to you and make you a little nuts. Well, take a moment and read this excellent post.

And let's take care not to join the ranks of the rest of the Christmas Crazies this year.
Have a happy day.

01 December 2007

Yummy. Yummy. And so yummy.

How sweet it is to receive early Christmas joys! My favorite friend Melissa came over to visit me yesterday and because she is so awesome, she brought me a prize. (Really though, she's dynamite for many more reasons than just giving me stuff.) And the truth is that I was happy to just have some face-to-face time with her. Just being with her blesses me.

Well. I could not be more excited about this. I've been wanting, nay, coveting, one of these for so many weeks I could almost taste the wool sweateryness.

It is so delish. And I can't wait to wear it.

Too bad I live in South Louisiana and the highs this weekend are in the upper heat strokes. It's December, and this will make me sweat.

There is something very very wrong with that.

28 November 2007

Heart Surgery

Somewhere along the way I adopted the belief that if I pray sincerely and live well, or at least give it my best effort, that God is then supposed to answer my prayers according to my earnest wishes; that if I do all the things that I think I should be doing, then my life will go smoothly. I know it's a lie. I'm not looking to correct my theology here... It's just that I recognize how I feel when things don't turn out how I want them to. That feeling that God is holding out on me. And the anger. When I feel angry with Him it's because in my heart that lie is operating - the lie that says things should be different because I prayed, because I read the Bible this morning, because I meant it!

And because I don't want to be misleading, I think I should confess here that I may only have prayed sincerely and 'fervently' for an extended span of, oh, say, three days and then dropped off because "nothing happened". You know, things didn't work out like they would if I were God. I'm very spiritual like that. Not to mention impatient and immature.

In the meantime I know that God is doing something in my heart. Righting my thoughts, and His arm is not too short to save. And I praise Him for that.

Favorite Things

10.05.08 More paint colors:
both by Olympic Paints
Hint of Mint

Crystal Apricot

Imaginary Fall Shopping
I have been on the hunt for some great skirts but I'm very particular. I have discriminating taste. Here are a few that caught my eye. I like the styles but the prices are over the top for me. Maybe I can find something comparable elsewhere... But really, I'm shopping at Anthropologie. And since it's imaginary, price is not an issue. Which is what makes this so much fun!
  • I am really drawn in by red these days. I really like this corduroy skirt.
  • This one is silk. I haven't a clue how to wear this in a way that would please me, but I like looking at it.
And then there are the sweaters and the coats. Always the sweaters and the coats!
  • Look at this! Persimmon, people! Who can resist that. Not I!
  • I love this short coat - even though short coats, in general, terrify me. I don't think they're flattering on my figure. The color though! It's such a great shade!

And dresses:
I just bought these. An impulse buy that now I'm not even sure I can keep... but the color is so perfect for fall. It goes with everything. They look adorable on my feet and the way they curl up a little is so cute, and I like how high they come up in the back. They have more character to me than the basic flat. I'll be sad if I have to return them.

Currently lurving this mustardy-wasabi-ish color, right chere:

Emma Pink
  • These Isabel shoes are ridiculously beyond fabulous. I love them. Love them so much. The tiny heels, the leather/suede, the two-tone greens... I now believe in love at first sight.
  • Red shoes draw me in. I like the low heel on these, and the shade of red is making me even more ready for fall.

  • I love that this little sofa is called a Fainting Sofa. Makes me want it even more. Plus it's Apple Green. Hard to resist.
  • I already have a beautiful bed and have no use for this, but this headboard is so gorgeous. Clearly my love for velvet is not waning.
  • I would LOVE to have this for extra seating in our living room, complete with red cushion. Yum. I like the kitty on the sill, too.
  • Very cool shower curtains:
  • The Periodic Table
  • The Tree
  • I am loving this quilt. I've been wanting to re-do my room and haven't found anything I love, but this fits the bill.
  • Nice chandelier.
  • Another gray boot to love.
  • Tin Switchplates. Tiiiiiinnn Roof... rusted!
08.08.08 (The Olympics start today! Hooray!)
Gearing up for Fall
Here are some things I'd be heap glad to add to my repetoire:
This is an adorable pink cardigan.
This top would be great for layering!
I really like this long halter dress, too.
I love these little Mary Jane wedges. I love them in mustard and tan, too. I am so very drawn in my Mary Jane type shoes. They make me happy - they're so full of cuteness.
I really like these black ballet flats, and I LOVE these patent flats in wine and gray!
These little blue pumps are callin' my name.

French General
There are so many things on this site that please me!! Looking through it, I find myself sitting on the edge of my seat, and my hands feeling a little shaky with happy nervousness. I love all things French. Well, except salad dressing. But if you don't count that, then I love all things French. Especially French inspired stuff! Like jewelry (calm down, heart), birds, tiny crowns, charms, the mixing of textiles, little Eiffel towers, the language, the general color palette with the reds/pinks/creams/greens/slate blue/gray/gold/robin's egg blue. Seriously, I see those things grouped together and I have trouble breathing right.

  • I totally want to buy these red shoes. I think they would come in very handy indeed, when traipsing around Manhattan. Maybe I'll save up some coin so I can buy them. Major splurge, but isn't that justified by major comfort? The wrong shoe could make or break a day. It could be the difference between sheer bliss & true and absolute misery.
  • I don't own a roaster. I'd like to. I have alot of like for both of these (red & gray) from Horchow.
  • Shaded chandeliers are the latest trend in lighting. (According to Horchow) I thought they'd all be ugly, but I'm surprised by how much I'm drawn to this one. I find it really beautiful.
  • This is some luggage I could love! And plus it's practical. It would never get lost in the sea of drab at the airport.

Still feathering my nest:
  • My kitchen is small and totally does not have the space for this hutch but I love it so!
  • I want a velvet sofa so badly. Very impractical at this present juncture, whatwith the little people and all. But one day. This one would do quite nicely. As would this one.

Treats from Anthropologie (they're not short on treats, ya know) :
  • I love ballet-inspired clothes (no surprise there, I'm sure) like this Pas De Deux top.
  • If we were in the market for new furniture, I'd buy these chairs Darcy & Madeline and this gorgeous mirrored dresser. Loverly!
  • I am definitely not hating these drawer pulls, either.
  • I don't have much use for this shower curtain but I do think it's adorable!
  • I've mentioned these pink glasses before, but they deserve a second mention. I love them that much.
  • I want to cultivate the habit of setting the table every night. I'd like to place the whole spread on the table so we don't have to get up forty-two times during dinner for refills, etc. These serving dishes would be beautiful and well-loved: few serving bowls.
  • Oh and look! They took the time to put together my dream bedroom! How very nice of them!

20 November 2007

Let's Get Real Monday... on Tuesday.

Welcome to Let's Get Real Monday--on Tuesday! Today's topic is My Habits. Simply post your answers to these questions on your own blog and leave your post URL in the auto-link here, at this site. Thanks for the great idea, Randi (I Have to Say)!

What is one good habit that I have?
I always send Thank You notes. My parents did well to instill that one in me when I was growing up. I'm glad they did. I feel so much better after the note(s) are in the mail. It makes me feel good about myself.

What is one bad habit that I have?
I pick at my skin. I know, I know. But if I see a bump I get all neurotic and have to squeeze at it to make sure it's empty... or until it is empty. Ugh! I know! Stop yellin' at me.

What is one habit that I would like to cultivate in my life?
I'd like to become better at getting out of bed. I think I'm part bear. I have very strong urges to hibernate.

And I'm also very protective of my cubs.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm part bear.

Have a happy Tuesday!
If you would like to play along simply post the answers to these three questions on your own blog. Once you have posted, simply go on over to this blog and leave your post URL in the auto-link. It is too easy!

I need some felty goodness in my life.

I have been having felt on my brain for days now. I'm literally dreaming about felty projects. I have already bookmarked so many sweet ideas on my computer and I am so excited to start making stuff - barrettes, ornaments, stuffed softies for my Lil' Schmo's mobile (because I can't seem to find the other little dangly thingies that came with it). I'm just itching to get started. I cannot wait until the day I can go to Hobby Lobby and pick up a ton of supplies and come home and play!!

Oh happy day! Come quickly!!

19 November 2007

Come, Rest.

Note well the words of Jesus... It is not, "Go, labor on," as perhaps you imagine. [But]... "Come to Me and rest."

Never, never did Christ send a heavy-laden one to work; never, never did He send... a weary one, a sick or sorrowing one away on any service. For such the Bible only says, "Come, come, come."
- J.H. Taylor

Let's Keep It Real

I swear when I started this blogging business my mind seemed to be brimming with interesting, even witty things to post about. Now, dull. I have a head full of dull. I'm not sure I've had a single thing to post about that hasn't seemed completely drab. I blame the pressure. Unbelievable pressure. Maybe I'm taking this too seriously, like I am single-handedly responsible for entertaining the masses, or maybe just one or two, with my brilliant wordage. Oh perfection, how thou eludest me.

I mean, when I decided to start my own blog, I did it because I thought, "Dude, having a blog would be FUN!" I've been making it harder than it should be.

This is really a picture of my life though. If I feel someone may be dissecting my every move, or word in this case, I freeze. Fear paralyzes me. Any move could be a source of scorn, ridicule. I start feeling the heaviness, that feeling that I must get it right, or I will surely die. But really, I can't breathe under a microscope. I need so much more grace than that. Feeling like I'm under scrutiny takes my breath. I'm like a deer in the headlights. So today, I am giving myself some grace. To keep it real - and to be free from performance pressure. Even if real is sorta uneventful and not much in the way of "interesting".

And now, I will go have some chocolate. Because it makes me happy, and it may well be the answer to world peace.

14 November 2007

Grow! Grow!

Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers, "Grow! Grow!"

Quiz: What's your design style?

Take this quiz at HGTV.com to find out your design style.

My style is SWEET. "What's sweet is chic. Nothing stark and modern for you! You're drawn to cozy interiors and a welcoming palette (think soft, sun-bleached hues). You like your patterns whimsical and your buildings quaint. You enjoy heirlooms with sentimental value, like a rocker that once graced your grandmother's nursery".

And it's the truth. I am in love with anything shabby chic/Cottage/English country/French. Not politically correct, perhaps, but I can still love it.

And you can't stop me. ;)

**Edited: I look around my house and I don't see a whole lot of this style, not nearly as much as I'd like. But I share my home with my sweet husband, Stretch, and his taste is not like mine, and so we compromise. But let me make it known that when I get to Heaven and I have a mansion of my own, it's going to be so Shabby Chic. It will be graced with chaise lounges, lots of windows, armoires and glass doorknobs everywhere you look. The color palette will be soft muted tones of pink, cream, green, soft blue and crisp whites. It's gonna be so beautiful. :)

And I'm gonna have a beautiful cottage garden, tended by someone else. :)

In the meantime I enjoy the space we live in and although it's not my ultimate design style I'm happy in this too.

12 November 2007

Sew Mama Sew!

I'm so excited about this! My head is swarming with cute, cute ideas for handmade Christmas gifts now! Sew, Mama, Sew! has compiled "100 of the best sewing tutorials on the web" and will feature a couple each day during the month of November. Go take a peek-a-loo, you may get inspired to make your own gifts this year! To view the schedule for the month, click here.

10 November 2007

I'm Smitten

Look at these how delicious. They make me so happy! I need the apple/pear duo in mint green. Need it.
So yummy! Get you some!

My Failings

cartoon from www.weblogcartoons.com

Cartoon by Dave Walker. Find more cartoons you can freely re-use on your blog at We Blog Cartoons.

True 'dat!

cartoon from www.weblogcartoons.com

Cartoon by Dave Walker. Find more cartoons you can freely re-use on your blog at We Blog Cartoons.

Lead Hands?

I seemed to have woken up heavy-handed today. Too much water in my oatmeal, too much peppermint extract in my coffee, too much oj in my son's cup for breakfast, (at least his was still enjoyable)...

I hope I can turn the tide, and that it doesn't translate to the rest of my body.

I have to drive later.

09 November 2007

What's in a name?

Smiles remind me that the sky is only dark between the stars. -Nathanial Kent Leatham

I love this quote. It's where I derived the name of my blog.

It makes me happy.

01 November 2007

AWARDS! Sweet!

From Sarah:
Premio Arte y Pico

From Carlie:
Excellent Blogger Award

These next two are from Chel:

These are from Mama Belle: