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18 December 2007

Moongolian neighbors and other futuristic notions

Today on his morning radio show, Stretch and his lovely co-host, DJ M.A., were talking about how back in the day, 2008 seemed so futuristic. DJ M.A. said that when she was growing up in New Orleans, her family thought that probably by this time we would get around in spaceships instead of driving cars. You know, like the Jetsons.

Stretch seemed shocked. They weren't taught that in Ville Platte.

I was listening to their conversation and completely agreed with DJ M.A. I may have even said "yeah" out loud in agreement with the Jetsons era remark. We were taught the same thing. I distinctly remember my mom saying things like, "y'all will probably be in spaceships instead of driving cars by the time y'all are in college." Because 2008 was sooo futuristic.

Apparently Ville Platte's not progressive like New Orleans and Port Barre.

Now if only I could figure out how to program synthetic brownies like Jane Jetson. Maybe that's something they only learned in Mamou.

2 people love me:

Tonja said...

I actually thought that too...so maybe he just wasn't paying attention :)
it's funny how advanced our technology is (compared to when we were kids) but not in the areas we thought we would be...like cars :)
although having a DVD player in the van is far out!

Missy said...

Weren't we all supposed to have a Rosie by now too?

Oh Rosie, where are you...