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01 December 2007

Yummy. Yummy. And so yummy.

How sweet it is to receive early Christmas joys! My favorite friend Melissa came over to visit me yesterday and because she is so awesome, she brought me a prize. (Really though, she's dynamite for many more reasons than just giving me stuff.) And the truth is that I was happy to just have some face-to-face time with her. Just being with her blesses me.

Well. I could not be more excited about this. I've been wanting, nay, coveting, one of these for so many weeks I could almost taste the wool sweateryness.

It is so delish. And I can't wait to wear it.

Too bad I live in South Louisiana and the highs this weekend are in the upper heat strokes. It's December, and this will make me sweat.

There is something very very wrong with that.

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Tonja said...

that is SO CUTE!! i'd have to bake that friend some cookies :)

have fun at surge tomorrow...i'm sorry that we'll miss it. try and remember some funnies from michael jr. so you can make me laugh :)