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I really do not know that anything has ever been more exciting than diagramming sentences. Gertrude Stein

20 November 2007

I need some felty goodness in my life.

I have been having felt on my brain for days now. I'm literally dreaming about felty projects. I have already bookmarked so many sweet ideas on my computer and I am so excited to start making stuff - barrettes, ornaments, stuffed softies for my Lil' Schmo's mobile (because I can't seem to find the other little dangly thingies that came with it). I'm just itching to get started. I cannot wait until the day I can go to Hobby Lobby and pick up a ton of supplies and come home and play!!

Oh happy day! Come quickly!!

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Tonja said...

hey Jo
congrats on the new blog...I've read all of your entries and you've brightened my day!! But I must comment here...b/c Dave just brought home this book:


and yes, they're all made of FELT! So, check it out and see if your library has it...we're making xmas presents for the girls' friends from this book. Are we having fun? well, not yet...it's a little more work for me than I anticipated...but i'm sure it'll be worth it!
oh, maybe i'll bring it this weekend! :)
keep on bloggin'