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14 November 2007

Quiz: What's your design style?

Take this quiz at HGTV.com to find out your design style.

My style is SWEET. "What's sweet is chic. Nothing stark and modern for you! You're drawn to cozy interiors and a welcoming palette (think soft, sun-bleached hues). You like your patterns whimsical and your buildings quaint. You enjoy heirlooms with sentimental value, like a rocker that once graced your grandmother's nursery".

And it's the truth. I am in love with anything shabby chic/Cottage/English country/French. Not politically correct, perhaps, but I can still love it.

And you can't stop me. ;)

**Edited: I look around my house and I don't see a whole lot of this style, not nearly as much as I'd like. But I share my home with my sweet husband, Stretch, and his taste is not like mine, and so we compromise. But let me make it known that when I get to Heaven and I have a mansion of my own, it's going to be so Shabby Chic. It will be graced with chaise lounges, lots of windows, armoires and glass doorknobs everywhere you look. The color palette will be soft muted tones of pink, cream, green, soft blue and crisp whites. It's gonna be so beautiful. :)

And I'm gonna have a beautiful cottage garden, tended by someone else. :)

In the meantime I enjoy the space we live in and although it's not my ultimate design style I'm happy in this too.

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