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28 November 2007

Favorite Things

10.05.08 More paint colors:
both by Olympic Paints
Hint of Mint

Crystal Apricot

Imaginary Fall Shopping
I have been on the hunt for some great skirts but I'm very particular. I have discriminating taste. Here are a few that caught my eye. I like the styles but the prices are over the top for me. Maybe I can find something comparable elsewhere... But really, I'm shopping at Anthropologie. And since it's imaginary, price is not an issue. Which is what makes this so much fun!
  • I am really drawn in by red these days. I really like this corduroy skirt.
  • This one is silk. I haven't a clue how to wear this in a way that would please me, but I like looking at it.
And then there are the sweaters and the coats. Always the sweaters and the coats!
  • Look at this! Persimmon, people! Who can resist that. Not I!
  • I love this short coat - even though short coats, in general, terrify me. I don't think they're flattering on my figure. The color though! It's such a great shade!

And dresses:
I just bought these. An impulse buy that now I'm not even sure I can keep... but the color is so perfect for fall. It goes with everything. They look adorable on my feet and the way they curl up a little is so cute, and I like how high they come up in the back. They have more character to me than the basic flat. I'll be sad if I have to return them.

Currently lurving this mustardy-wasabi-ish color, right chere:

Emma Pink
  • These Isabel shoes are ridiculously beyond fabulous. I love them. Love them so much. The tiny heels, the leather/suede, the two-tone greens... I now believe in love at first sight.
  • Red shoes draw me in. I like the low heel on these, and the shade of red is making me even more ready for fall.

  • I love that this little sofa is called a Fainting Sofa. Makes me want it even more. Plus it's Apple Green. Hard to resist.
  • I already have a beautiful bed and have no use for this, but this headboard is so gorgeous. Clearly my love for velvet is not waning.
  • I would LOVE to have this for extra seating in our living room, complete with red cushion. Yum. I like the kitty on the sill, too.
  • Very cool shower curtains:
  • The Periodic Table
  • The Tree
  • I am loving this quilt. I've been wanting to re-do my room and haven't found anything I love, but this fits the bill.
  • Nice chandelier.
  • Another gray boot to love.
  • Tin Switchplates. Tiiiiiinnn Roof... rusted!
08.08.08 (The Olympics start today! Hooray!)
Gearing up for Fall
Here are some things I'd be heap glad to add to my repetoire:
This is an adorable pink cardigan.
This top would be great for layering!
I really like this long halter dress, too.
I love these little Mary Jane wedges. I love them in mustard and tan, too. I am so very drawn in my Mary Jane type shoes. They make me happy - they're so full of cuteness.
I really like these black ballet flats, and I LOVE these patent flats in wine and gray!
These little blue pumps are callin' my name.

French General
There are so many things on this site that please me!! Looking through it, I find myself sitting on the edge of my seat, and my hands feeling a little shaky with happy nervousness. I love all things French. Well, except salad dressing. But if you don't count that, then I love all things French. Especially French inspired stuff! Like jewelry (calm down, heart), birds, tiny crowns, charms, the mixing of textiles, little Eiffel towers, the language, the general color palette with the reds/pinks/creams/greens/slate blue/gray/gold/robin's egg blue. Seriously, I see those things grouped together and I have trouble breathing right.

  • I totally want to buy these red shoes. I think they would come in very handy indeed, when traipsing around Manhattan. Maybe I'll save up some coin so I can buy them. Major splurge, but isn't that justified by major comfort? The wrong shoe could make or break a day. It could be the difference between sheer bliss & true and absolute misery.
  • I don't own a roaster. I'd like to. I have alot of like for both of these (red & gray) from Horchow.
  • Shaded chandeliers are the latest trend in lighting. (According to Horchow) I thought they'd all be ugly, but I'm surprised by how much I'm drawn to this one. I find it really beautiful.
  • This is some luggage I could love! And plus it's practical. It would never get lost in the sea of drab at the airport.

Still feathering my nest:
  • My kitchen is small and totally does not have the space for this hutch but I love it so!
  • I want a velvet sofa so badly. Very impractical at this present juncture, whatwith the little people and all. But one day. This one would do quite nicely. As would this one.

Treats from Anthropologie (they're not short on treats, ya know) :
  • I love ballet-inspired clothes (no surprise there, I'm sure) like this Pas De Deux top.
  • If we were in the market for new furniture, I'd buy these chairs Darcy & Madeline and this gorgeous mirrored dresser. Loverly!
  • I am definitely not hating these drawer pulls, either.
  • I don't have much use for this shower curtain but I do think it's adorable!
  • I've mentioned these pink glasses before, but they deserve a second mention. I love them that much.
  • I want to cultivate the habit of setting the table every night. I'd like to place the whole spread on the table so we don't have to get up forty-two times during dinner for refills, etc. These serving dishes would be beautiful and well-loved: few serving bowls.
  • Oh and look! They took the time to put together my dream bedroom! How very nice of them!

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