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03 September 2008

I've never been much of a stickler for deadlines. (Which may have FINALLY paid off for me.) But I may now be ruined forever.


I'm so glad this was postponed. My poor husband made some headway in the bathroom (took off the cabinet doors, primed a portion of the wall & said doors) and then got unspeakably busy with other things.

(Which is totally unlike him, by the way. To leave something undone.)

(This is a man that starts and finishes a project the very. same. day.)

We are not alike in that regard.
No indeed.

And it is not the only regard in which we are different.
No indeed.

Anyway, BooMama procrastinated and I, for one, am heap glad. Now that there's a new date in place, we may actually finish painting the bathroom.

If only I could decide what color I want on the walls....

I was absolutely. set. on teal. SET, ya heard?!
Dark teal. Even though the bathroom is small and without windows.
This color, actually:

Conversations in our house went something like this:
Are you sure that's what you want?
Yeah, I think so. I'm pretty sure.
It's gonna be really dark in there.
Yeah, I know the color's dark, but that's the color I want. It's gonna look really good. It'll be offset by LOTS of white and lights and mirrors.
Are you sure though?
YES! I'm sure. Quit asking me. My mind is made up.

But now it's not so made up anymore. I am no longer absolutely-quit-asking-me-certain-for-all-eternity-certain.

I'm torn. (It's not the first time something like this has happened.) Between a mustardy-wasabi green that I've fallen in lurve with, and the dark teal that I was previously SET on. The trim will be glossy white. That much is certain.

(No. For real certain. (Shut up.) We already bought the paint.)

The green I'm feeling would be somewhat like the background color you are now enjoying.

I have a hard, hard time turning away from that green y'all. Hard. I'm just afraid I'll miss the shade I'm looking for and be disappointed... That I'll get it on the wall and it'll look not quite right. Too lime-y, not enough mustard. I don't want that to happen.

And so, the waffling, it continues.

What is a girl to DO? And now you can see why procrastination is my constant companion.
And why deadlines are my undoing.

Believe this though. By the 26th of this month, something will be on those walls.

I hope I make the right choice. Clearly it's a critical decision. Maybe someone can host some debates so that I can get a clear view of each candidate.

Whatever happens, you will be privy to Before & After pictures. I know. You just can't wait, can you?

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Tracy G. said...

Hope I don't make this harder for you, but I like the background color you recently allowed us to start enjoying. I am thinking of that color for my kitchen. I recently (last night, in fact) emptied our bathroom cabinets and took the doors off.

I, like BooMama, am a passive aggressive perfectionist who has finally gotten around to doing something about our hideous bathroom.

You've given me a new goal...My goal was to work on the bathroom each night after the kids are in bed and while my husband is at work...which is now: I'm getting off the computer as soon as I'm done with this ridiculously long comment, I promise! So far I have puttied (cake frosting style...our wall was a mess), primed and painted the walls, but now I have the added goal of getting it all done before the 26th. If I had a blog, I'd post pictures. Thanks for the challenge. :)

Tonja said...

i like the teal...sorry.


Amy said...

I LOVE that blue! And there are some good things about dark colors. Especially in the bathroom..... Go for it girl! You can always paint over it. But I think it will be gorgeous.

Regular, with half and half and raw sugar said...

That's me above - I have 2 profiles - annoying, I know.

bren j. said...

The background colour is great...but then so is the dark teal......hmmm...that would be a tough decision indeed.

We are FINALLY (again) almost finished our bathroom upstairs - just a couple boards left to nail in place....why it takes us so long?! Anyway, I picked out this chocolate brown and at first was worried it would make the room look really small but in the end, it made it look bigger. We did all the trim, cupboards, etc. in glossy white too and that made all the difference. It's my favourite room in the house now.