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23 September 2008

Ray Stockton takes care o' bidness.

And today, so do I. :)

Ok, so I've wondered about blog etiquette as it concerns responding to comments. Do ya send an email back to the person who comments or do you continue the conversation in the comment thread....

Personally, when I leave a comment, I would like to get an email back because I just don't have the time to check back at the original post to see if there's been a response posted. I understand though that some people are like, really popular, and they get like, tons of comments a day and that it's just not feasible to respond to everyone. But that ain't me, so that's neither here nor there.

Okay, so there's that, and then sometimes I'll get a comment that doesn't have a return email address.

So basically I've just been mixin' it up a little. Keepin' it crazy confusing fresh.

I would like to send a personal email back to everyone who leaves me a comment because I appreciate them so much (I APPRECIATE YOU!), but then my response may pertain to other commenters, so then what....

How do y'all handle this? Do you email back or do you leave a comment on your post? What's kosher? And if you're a commenter, what do you prefer??

How can people worry about famine and pestilence and war when there are real problems like this to be solved?!

Please help me lest I worry myself into a tizzy.

tizzy - (noun)
a really dumb-sounding word that means,
1. state of nervous excitement or confusion; a dither.

dither - (noun)
1. a funner , less stupid-feeling word to say than tizzy.
2. a trembling; vibration.

You're welcome. Oh, and thank you.

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The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

I usually just comment back. It's quicker and if they really want a response they'll check back.

You're right ... it's not feasible to email every commenter back. Not enough time.

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Dude...I have this same question.

Generally, I just comment back on my blog because sometimes it might be a question that others will want to know the answer to...and sometimes I just email (but it's irritating when I can't find an email) which all boils down too...I am totally inconsistant in what I do :) BUT when someone (like you) emails me about a comment, it totally makes me happy which probably means I should be emailing everyone...

Whoever does leave a comment though, I do try to go to their sight (if it's new to me) and look around and leave a comment back, because dang it COMMENTS ARE FUN!!!

Jodie said...

Sarah: I think we were cut from the same mold. Same sketchiness, same middle name, same love for shoes, same hair color and length, same amount of kids, same inconsistency...

Good point too, about linking back to the commenter's site... I do that, too - especially if they're new to me!

I just don't have a system. I need a system!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

We are!

When you get a system down, just let me know so I can copy it ;)

Anonymous said...

I have been wondering about this too!

Most of the people who comment on my site are people whose blogs I visit (and comment on) every day anyway. Whenever I get someone new, I definitely go by and comment on their blog.

But there is nothing better than getting an email response from someone you've commented. It's like, "Aww, they are talking to me!"

I never go back and comment within my own blog, just because I'm 1, lazy, and 2, I figure my posts aren't dazzling enough to draw a repeat viewing. So when I do respond it's usually thru email (the mass amounts of comments aren't my problem yet, either). :)

Way More Homemade said...

What's kosher? Some wines, pickles, not pork. Beyond that, I'm stuck.

Seriously, check out this post at Rocks in my Dryer...

Also, for me, it's easier to email back (since I get comments to my email address) unless it is something that could benefit the entire discussion. And of course many times their comment doesn't include an email address. At that point, I may comment back to them on their blog if I'm just saying hello or something.

I like emailing back and getting emails back ... gives a personal touch to the whole community thing IMO. And that's one way I've made several neat friends.


Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

I don't think I have ever commented back within my comments...not that I'm against it, I just have never done it. I do try to email back, but sometimes I just do not have enough time...excuses, excuses, right? However, I am always thrilled when someone emails me back in response to a comment...I love the whole "chatting" aspect of it. Actually, a lot of times, I do want to respond via email, and I go to hit reply, and they have no email address. So that's frustrating.

So what I am saying is...there is really no right or wrong. :)

bren j. said...

I'm bad for this. Sometimes I do email back, sometimes I don't.