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11 September 2008

Today I...

  • Dusted off our basket full of supplements. We forgot to take them today. And roughly every day for at least half a year. It's nice to know we invest in our health.
  • Found a cup on the dresser in my bedroom containing about a fourth of an inch of coagulated milk. (Who put THAT there?) (Oh yeah... me.) And then for reasons which are beyond even myself, I sniffed it. (Not so bad. I was expecting much worse. I've smelled worse from the fridge.)
  • Found myself in too much silence, wondering where Puddin' had gotten off to. I turned to see him sitting on the floor surrounded by banana peels he'd retrieved from the trash can. (Oh, that's not so bad.) And then I saw a flash of blue. (What?) A wad of gum. Also from the trash can. Strung and stuck to his tiny little fingers. On both hands. Such a little mess mess.
  • Threw out Froot Loops (hurricane remnants)(which claim to be made with natural ingredients. Shut it Froot Loops. Your'e not foolin' anybody.) and then I baked vegan brownies. Yes, I am the bomb. Heh. They're tasty. Mine came out cakey. But I'm not hatin' on 'em.
  • Was about to outdo my own self and make some homemade hummus for the very first time, but found my tahini had expired in oh-six. I bet I bought that tahini under the same influence (which has now worn off) (even though I didn't want it to) that made me buy all those supplements.

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The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

You have just reminded me that I need to take all my vitamins and supplements. I am always faithful the first two weeks after I've bought the things, and then, forget.

Bea said...

I did a cereal cupboard purge the other day - threw out ancient Mini Wheats and empty boxes of Cheerios that for some reason were still in the cupboard. The sad part? We just MOVED all that junk - packed it into boxes and unpacked it in the new house again when we got here.

Amy Comeaux said...

I loved this entry. This is the kinda stuff I love to read, everyday stuff no one talks about. It makes me smile and that is a very good thing!!! Miss you!!!

bren j. said...

We are about to taste the brownies. We once read that 'natural' ingredients can just mean the flavours are made from naturally occurring chemicals. Hmmm...

Jodie said...

Bea: I can't believe y'all moved those empty boxes!! That's just crazy. :)

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

I guess no one's ever going to accuse me of being a health food guru: what the heck is tahini?

Sounds to me like my Lil'bit and your Puddin' would get along JUST FINE.

And vitamins? Cabinet full. Can't ever remember to take them, either. Crazy.

Sounds like you had a really productive day!!

Jodie said...

Chel: You sweet, dear girl. I love ya. Guru or not. :) Tahini is sesame paste. It's one of the primary ingredients in hummus. I have NO CLUE what else you do with it. Me? I let it expire in my fridge. :)

I wish LilBit and Puddin could be buddies. Then me and YOU could be buddies. :)