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15 September 2008

Satisfying Inquiring Minds

You remember that thing I once said about asking me some questions so I would have something to say? And then, you asked me some questions?! I was all like, HECK YES! (thanking you) And then you were all like, when you gonna ansa my questions. And I was like, whenever I feel like I wanna do it. Gosh.

So here is where I answer your questions.

Sarah wants to know: What's the most difficult thing you've lived through so far?
This has been the toughest question to answer. There is no one thing that stands head and shoulders above the rest. I've lived through several difficult things... I think most of us have. One of the things that has had the most widespread affect on me though, is that I was abused as a little girl. It has touched every aspect of my life and has been the toughest thing to walk out. In my heart. With my family. In my marriage. It has been a very difficult thing. In the past 6 years though, there has been phenomenal healing and God is dealing with that wound.

Mama Belle asks: Hmmm ... If you could do anything in the world, besides being a mommy and wife (can't use that cop-out), what would you do? Like what did you want to be when you grew up (as a kid)? Something different than what you do now.
The only thing I remember wanting to be was an Oceanographer. I blame Jacques Cousteau. We had VOLUMES of his books. VOLUMES OF BEAUTIFULLY PHOTOGRAPHED SEA CREATURES, PEOPLE. I wanted to do that. To be him. I wanted to dive deep into the deep depths of the ocean and take pictures of creatures like cuttlefish and angler fish that dwelt in the depths of the deep, deep ocean. Deeply.

And then one fated day in the early 90s, I saw an episode of Rescue 911 that would change my choice forever. A child, while swimming on the bottom of an underground pool, was somehow trapped in the drain, pulled in (somehow) by the suction of the drain. From hence, I feared deep water... like the deep end of a pool and I would dare not swim in the ocean (or really just the Gulf because I had not yet seen the ocean until long after this dream had died) past the point that my feet touched the sand. I dared not swim past the drop off. (The drop off!? What! Whatareyou? Insane?!) And from that point on, I never ever gave serious thought to what else I might do with my life.

Basically I realized I was big chicken. But don't be sad. I'm not. It was a passing fancy at best.

But that's only part of your question, isn't it. The other part is, what would I do if I could do anything in the world.
1) Work in some capacity to free young girls from prostitution.
2) Have a thrift store that's managed by someone else and my primary job is to shop at flea markets and yard sales and other thrift stores where I find amazing treasures that I give new life to. Or not. Those amazing treasures can live with me in my house for a little while, and then when I'm ready for a change (if ever), they could go into the shop where they'd brighten the faces and lives of other happy recipients.
3) I once heard of a girl who tried on shoes for a living. As a perk, aside from not actually having a real job, she got to keep loads of shoes. I'd like to do that. If anybody's asking. I wear a size 8.5 or 9. Depending. I'm totally available. CALL ME.
4) I would like to be a girl that repeatedly wins Sweepstakes and Giveaways from stores like Target for filling our their surveys. Or because they continually, randomly, land on my name when scanning the phone book. I'd like to be the girl whose names gets drawn ALL THE TIME! That would be cracka-lackin'!

Jackie asked these next 3:
What 5 words would your hubby use to describe you? (Answered by Stretch, himself. In his own words. As it were. Even though I tried to um, help him. But these are really his words. I had suggested Long-suffering, but as you can see, he didn't go with that.)
Mesmerizing Beauty
Merciful a.k.a. full of mercy

And vice-versa? Stretch is:
Committed (I said it first.)

On paper this may sound rather sterile and dull, but these are some of my favorite of his qualities. He's a family man who loves his people and takes the time to prove it. He's quality.

What would your perfect meal consist of? You probably thought this was a random question that you'd catch me off guard with, huh? No indeed. I have been answering this question for myself for years now, should I ever be on death row; altering as need be, as my palate ripens. Heh. (Do they still give you whatever you want to eat as your last meal on death row?) At any rate. I know the answer to this question. Eeeeeasy.
-Granny's Pork Roast, rice and gravy
-some perfectly seasoned Boiled Crawfish avec my very own special sauce (including potatoes and corn on the cob)(or torn on the tob)(whatever)
-some type of delicious Salad, containing feta cheese therein
-Bread Pudding - more than likely, a white chocolate version

What is your favorite "me time" thing to do? Shop. Hands down. No contest. I love to be in the stores. Particularly in clothing and craft stores. I especially, especially love thrift shopping though. Just thinking about it makes my heart beat faster. No lie. And then playing with all my new stuff. If I buy anything because I'm very cheap tight frugal.

So there ya have it. And listen, don't think that just because this section is closed you can never ever ask me anything ever again. No, my doors are always open. I got myself an open door policy. So fire away. I quite enjoy it when people are interested in me. *a wink and a smile*

4 people love me:

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Ok, amazing.

I'd love to hear more on your process of healing... :)

I'm also an 8 1/2 shoe...and not very frugal...and I'm all wishing we could hang out and share shoes and you could make me all frugal :)

The words your hubby used to describe you are FANTASTIC! And they're right on...because I know these things...because duh...I read your blog ;)

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

We are total shoe size twins. I just know you have some cute shoes in your closet that I would love to borrow. :)

This was so fun to read, Jodie! I laughed at your favorite meal paragraph...I wasn't really trying to trip you up, although I was a little surprised that you had thought it through so thoroughly. Sounds soooo good. I don't believe I've ever had boiled crawfish, but that is on my list to try.

Thanks for answering all of our probing questions! :)

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

You rock ... just sayin'.

bren j. said...

Crawfish. Uh-oh. I'll still be your friend.....but.....CRAWFISH?

Glad you never got sucked down a drain!