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18 June 2008

It's Coming Right For Us!!


Why do now what you can put off til later. Repeat the mantra.

As much as I like to ascribe to that way of thinking, sometimes the better part of me just needs to get something done. And this, is just the push I need. BooMama is thy name. Inspiring is thy game.

I want to paint our bathroom. I've been wanting to paint it. It's gonna be an ordeal though. Because there are five of us, and only the one bathroom. And every inch of the walls will have to be face lifted. Kiltz. Paint. White. Teal. It's gonna be tedious, but it's gonna be mahhhvelous.

I tell ya, BooMama could not have timed this better. Just this past weekend, Stretch & I went to Home Depot and got almost all of the supplies we need for our Extreme Makeover, Tiny Bathroom Edition.

Before and After pictures are coming. I hope you can sleep until then. The whole shebang will come to a close some time over the next few weeks. And I'm starting to get all giddy just thinking about it! Everybody loves a good Before & After right? It's even my favorite category on Wheel.

If you're participating, let me know! I don't want to miss out on your very own beautification!

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Tonja said...

OK...this will help, but I'm not sure I'm gonna have mr. linky on my site, so you'll have to be my accountability :)

I have paint and I have lots of it.
Here's what I want to do this summer:
1. finish painting the kitchen before family comes over next weekend ;)
2. paint the hall and all the trim
3. paint the tiny bathroom (same dilemma and excitement as you will encounter!) even the ceilings need to be painted in all areas i'm mentioning!
4. paint my room - which is really the only one I want to paint, but can't 'til I paint my way to it!
5. paint the laundry room - because, woohoo! it's getting walls on Monday!!!
6. sew curtains for the extra room and my bedroom!

yeah, I got high hopes :)

bren j. said...

Well I'm almost done our upstairs bathroom/laundry room. Just the cabinets and trim left to prime and paint. Woo.hoo. My *favourite* part. And of course, we forgot to take any before pictures. Dangit! Can't wait to see the transformation at your house though. Happy painting!