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21 June 2008


I love my charm bracelet. I like looking at it. It's such a personal piece of jewelry that tells so much about us.
  • unicorn - only the greatest animal ever created
  • owl - I really like the way they look
  • tiny (rusty) locket - I like lockets; I found this one
  • plumeria - bought on our honeymoon in O'ahu, also, the best smelling flower in the universe
  • monkey - Sugarhead's favorite toy; this charm represents her
  • heart - Puddin' charm, because he was the first of my children that I consciously and deliberately accepted and embraced into my heart as an infant
  • T-Rex - I cannot look at one and not think of my Sweet Pickle who loves them
  • pinecone - no special significance, just like the way it looks alot
  • bride & groom - represents my oneness with my man, Stretch
  • crown - to remind me Whose I am
What about you? Do you have a charm bracelet? What charms are on it? Why those?
If you don't have one, what would be on it if you did have one?

2 people love me:

bren j. said...

I have no charm bracelet (what does that say about me? I'm not charming??) but I did think the t-rex was a kangaroo and I also though the bride/groom was a broom and dustpan. Sorry.

IF I had one, it likely wouldn't have much on it because I don't like dangly things around my wrist. Dangely? Dangly? That's not a word, is it?

Jodie said...

I think dangly is totally a word, although I'm not taking the time to look it up. And, you are quite charming. Bracelet or no bracelet. :)