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31 July 2008

Man, I don't know NOTHIN'!

It's a big, big world, and every day I'm quizzed on how much I know. I should've paid better attention in school. Apparently even if you don't go into a particular career field, if you have children, you are called on TO KNOW STUFF every. single. day. Such as:

Why are volcanos so hot?

How big is a rocket?

How many people can fit in a rocket?

Do meteors fall into other planets, too? Not just the earth?

Mom, are we in gravel right now?
Me: You mean gravity? Him: Uggghhh! (Covers face forcefully with hands in exasperation.) No! That stuff that makes you not float away. Me: Yeah. Gravity. Yeah baby, we're in gravity right now.

Why are volcanos so big? Why did God make them so big? Why do they go all the way up into the clouds?

But Mama, (more stress in the voice this time), what makes them so HOT?

Is a meteor this big (he holds up his hands and forms a circle with his fingers)? Are they bigger than our car? Are they as big as our house? Do they have fire on 'em?

Mom, I want to go to heaven right now to meet the dinosaurs. How long is it gonna be until I go to heaven? (crying) Why is it gonna take so long? I want to go right now!
(I know honey. Me, too.)

Mama, what does God's voice sound like?

What would happen if lightning hit our car?

Mama, why do people study volcanos? Can we go see one? Have you ever seen a volcano? Are volcanos real? What would happen if when the people are inside to study a volcano, what would happen if it erupted? Can we go see a volcano? I want to go see inside one right now.

What would happen if the planets ran into each other? Would it make 'em crack open? And then all of the people would be floatin' in space?

Seriously, all of these questions were asked of me this morning, with the exception of the one about God's voice. {He asked me that while we were on the snack aisle (between the chips and the gum) at Wal-Mart about a week and a half ago.}

Sometimes my brain gets tired. (Ya think?)
I am a tired Supergirl.

When he was 3, in the full-blown "why's", I said to him one day while driving, "Baby, you just have to stop asking me questions for a little while. Mama's tired. My brain hurts." His response to me? "But Mama, I can't stop. I still have too much voice in my mouth."

So now he's 5. And the questions? They just keep coming. They're relentless. (Like Mondays.) And I just want to hold his little face between my hands and say "Sweetheart. Dear boy. You are a precious, precious child. But ya Mama?... She don't know nothin'!"

But how could I do that. All of his life, I've been telling him that I'm smart. He believes me.

And I just can't shatter him like that.

Anybody else ridin' this crazy bus?

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Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Always riding the crazy bus :) I always say..."let's wait and ask daddy, he'll know" :)


Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Oh, boy, so this is what I have to look forward to?! I am scared...I don't know the answers to ANY of those questions. Savannah is just now getting to the "But WHY, Mama?" stage, and that is already taking its toll on me. :)

Amy Comeaux said...

My little one doesn't always ask so many questions as he does talk uncontrolably. Sometimes I have to tell him that he just needs to stop talking and he usually say ok and stops for a couple of minutes. For me, it depends on the time of day, if it's morning I'm more inclined to answer then in the evening after I've worked all day!

Love to read your blog! Miss you!

susanna said...

You are a supergirl answering all those questions! My brain still hurts from my 7 year old's latest theological question, "If there is fire in hell, why is it dark?" I'm right there with you in all the crazy! Sue (tsg)

Way More Homemade said...

I clicked to you from Big Mama today...

Oh yeah. I'm so on that bus with you. But now with my 7 y/o dd, it's questions specifically about what I am doing and why... not so much the general stuff.

And the 3 y/o... he's just into, "But WHY?" as he shruggs his shoulders.

I want to help them make some sense of the world they're in, but gracious sakes... When do they get an internal dialogue?

Tonja said...

hey, there's a great volcano experiment you (or STretch) could do with him...he'd love it!

what?! making his own volcano?! then, he'd understand everything :)

hang in there sista...you're gonna miss this one day ;)

Why 2nd Cup of Coffee? said...

Oh that comment about having too much voice in his mouth? I have to remember that to tell my girls group on Wednesday nights. We have too much voices in our mouths, for sure! They will die laughing. You seem like such a good mom. Somebody's really interested in volcanos, huh. You should make one of those together with the baking soda lava. Now that would be thrilling for him.

harts4Him said...

Enjoy the crazy bus. When your boys become the age that mine are, they don't much want your opinion on anything. They think that they have it all figured out. The relentless talking doesn't stop no matter if they are 7 or 17. 17 year olds talk at you, not to you. I miss my 7 year old, but I am enjoying watching him become a man. I suppose now I have turned in my bus for a 4WD Durango with muddin' tires, Flowmaster exhaust and Rancho shocks. See I do learn when he talks!!



bren j. said...

I'm am so behind on my reading here -sheesh!

What's with little boys and dinosaurs and volcanos anyway?