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I really do not know that anything has ever been more exciting than diagramming sentences. Gertrude Stein

13 July 2008

So um, does this new title come with a trophy? Perhaps?

I've been a domestic person of late. Last week, I washed curtains.

(pause for effect)

I think because of that singular act, my new title should be, Homemaker Deluxe. I might even get me a gold bracelet and have it engraved, so that I can look legit.

And if that weren't enough, this week I sewed some stuff. And embroidered some other stuff.

There are lots of sweet new babies coming into the world, and I've been busy whipping up baby goodies. Those are my particular favorite kind of goodies to whip up. (And also things containing chocolate.) So much fun! I have a hard time knowing when to stop! (Baby goodies and chocolate.)

My very funny and totally awesome friend, Meeke, just had a baby girl, and my AH-mazing friend, Cassie, is due for TWIN GIRLS in about 6 weeks. I love newborns! I'm so thrilled to meet all of the babies (and smell them)!

So, this is what I've done thus far:

(Ha! Thus.)

One onesie and one Diaper/Wiper case for Miss Gabrielle Rose. (Cheers and applause!)

Two onesies and one Diaper/Wiper case each - for Ava and Leia. (Don't you love their names?) I love the popsicles.

Fabric close-ups for their pouches.
(Try not to covet my outstanding photography skillz. I know they're totally ROCKIN'!)

Next in line, boy stuff! My 'nother friend whom I love, Apple, is about to have a sweet baby boy, so I get to do some boy onesies. I'm thinking about maybe a neck tie, a robot and possibly some chemistry beakers, or a calculator. Something cute and nerdy. I can't wait to see how they turn out!

With my new title and everything (Homemaker Deluxe), you may find that you have higher expectations of me now. So here's what I'll do. I'll leave y'all with some stellar homemaking quotes (when I manage to remember), since I'm now legit and everything.

Remember, I washed curtains.

(clears throat)

(Enter Announcer Voice)
And now for your domestic quote of the day:
"Housework done incorrectly still blesses your family."

Amen to that, huh?
And a good day to ya, one and all!!

8 people love me:

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Who knew you were so domesticated!?!

I am impressed. Way, WAY impressed! Cute stuff.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Well, that's good to know...since the only kind of housework I seem to be capable of lately has been done incorrectly.

Those are SO cute! You should start a little business...they would be way popular.

bren j. said...

Haha. I love that "g." Do you do that free-hand or do you have one of those fancy sewing machines?

Keep up the good (domestic) work!

Elizabeth said...

Wow! I'm truly impressed!

Jodie said...

Thank you! Thank you all!! :)

Bren: I do not have a fancy machine. I draw the design onto the onesie and then stitch by hand.

Tonja said...

I'm impressed! what can i say...I have the most domesticated sister-in-law in the world :)

i love, love, love the popsicles...how cute is that?!

Tante D's better half said...

Mais, I like dem lil onsie, yeah. You gon make me one like dat when I have another baby? tank you, cher.

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

Well, aren't we crafty? And by "we," I mean YOU.