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03 July 2008

Look! I won a prize! (Alternate title: I feel all fancy.)

Sarah (at Life in the Parsonage), whom I may now have to call Sweet Thang, is so smart. And very astute. She really has an eye for greatness. I mean, that girl can spot it.

You wanna know how I know?

She picked me for a prize. An award.

I'm all a-fluster. I have been awarded the:

I know. The what? The Premier Art of Pico Sauce? I mean, I DO have a deep and abiding love for pico sauce, but what's that got to do with blawging? Turns out it means Art and Peak.

So. I went to the site of the award's origin (because I'm a scholar and stuff) and this is what I found. Here is part of the Welcome message I read there. The original is Spanish, which of course was useless to me.

Since I no peekey panti.

There's an option to have the page translated. I was happy to partake of that service. Merci Beaucoup, very obliging Google service.

This is a loose translation of the author's vision for the Arte y Pico blog:
The idea came to see things as beautiful in the network of bloggers true artisans.
Here by publishing what I see, what I like about each blog, magazines, tutorials and everything that is interesting for all that are dedicated to crafts. I enjoy the site and feel at ease and at home.

This award is such an honor. Sarah, you are a doll face! I feel like the Tether Ball star player or something else really cool. You have flattered me today. And I thank you.

And now, I will spread this happy feeling and make the world a better place.

You're welcome. I do what I can.

First the rules, and then I will hand out my awards. And in Sarah's words: Before I pass this one along, I thought I should let you know that I think this is just a pretty lady, dressed up in a fab dress, who happens to be wearing wings...and not an actual angel, because according to the Bible she would need to be a big masculine he to indeed be a real angel.

1) You have to pick 5 (or you know, some) blogs that you consider deserve this award-- creativity, design, interesting material, and also contributes to the blogger community, no matter the language.

2) Each award has to have the name of the author and also a link to his or her blog to be visited by everyone.

3) Each award-winning, has to show the award and put the name and link to the blog that has given her or him the award itself.

4) Award-winning and the one who has given the prize have to show the link of " Arte y pico "blog , so everyone will know the origin of this award.

5) To show these rules.

I choose to excite, with all of this excitement, these exciting blawgers:

Sue at Confessions of a Tired Supergirl - I love to read her blog. I don't even know how I originally came across her, but I'm so glad I did. I laugh, I get chills, I think, I am thankful, I laugh, and I love it. She wins the award for: interesting material and craftiness. Her craft is her words. I have a great appreciation for that particular craft.

Faye at Red River Interiors - Faye's specialty is interior design. She posts beautiful pictures of interiors. And in her own words, "I'm never at a loss for design ideas. Send me questions, I'll send you answers. I'll share my trade secrets. . ." How generous is that?! So generous. Plus, she's like, my biggest fan, so go see her. She wins the award for: creativity and design.

AM at Antique Mommy - I love her blog, too. Her craft is also her words. I could repeat here, everything I said about Sue. In fact, I will: I laugh, I get chills, I think, I am thankful, I laugh, and I love it. One thing that's extra special aboutt Antique Mommy is her way of making me more grateful to be a mother. Her love for, and wonder and amazement with her child, makes me look differently at my own. Thank you, AM!

Missy at It's Almost Naptime - I enjoy the site and feel at ease and at home. That's what this award is all about. Missy is very transparent, very real, and very charming. As some say in the South, she is just darlin'.

I am so glad that I have gotten to "know" all of these women. Every one influences me in some way.

Enjoy your awards girls. You deserve them.

7 people love me:

Antique Mommy said...

Thank you SO much! You have made my day!

susanna said...

Thank you so much, Jodie! I feel honored to be honored. And thank you for this gift on a day when I don't particularly feel gifted with words. You made my day, too! Sue

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

YAY for you!!! I SO knew you'd figure out the origin...you're cool like that...and not as lazy as me :)

Can't wait to check out the blogs you listed, if you love 'em, I'm sure I will too :)

Tonja said...

i'm cornfused...did you actually get this "angel" as an award? like they're mailing it to you?

well, whatever you got, I'm glad it made your day :) and even if I didn't quite understand all that you're talking about (not 'cuz you didn't communicate, but b/c I'm too tired to read slowly), I still enjoyed your writing...I still laughed...

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

Hope you will still lower yourself to visit us peons (not sure how to spell that one). Anyway, good for you.

Hope to see you and the family tonight.

Elizabeth said...

hey...CONGRATS!!!!! :-)

head over to my blog sometime this weekend & do a "feel good friday patriotic"... :-)

Red River Interiors: said...


Thanks a bunch for the mention. You better believe it...I am one of your biggest fans!...I know you have many, smile...Keep doing the things you love and do well...You will never be disappointed for taking the opportunities that present themselves to you...I will always keep reading as long as you keep writing...Deal?...Fay