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18 July 2008

Visions of wrapping packages dance in my head!

It's no secret that I have a small love for gift wrap. My love for paper and baubles to tie onto packages is deep and wide.

Well I found some G R E A T N E S S of the paper variety this week. I'm gonna share it with you because I'd like to furnish the world with love.

You're welcome.

Here are some of my favorites. I tried to narrow it down more than this, really I did. But I could not.

Retta Le Ritz
Buttons Gift Wrap (Lurve it)

Whimsy Press
There are 2 pics per pattern because it's, YES, REVERSIBLE!!!
Paper Invaders (Oh tiny invaders, I had love y'all, yeah?!)

Wasabi (Ohsodelicious!)

Also available, rubber cord for dude wrap & cute little pom pom ribbon for the girlies. Tasty, huh?

Also, Seltzer Goods
...has the coolest, most perfect notebooks. Look! You can take notes and fight cavities at the same time!

And who couldn't use a little beans and rice wrapping paper? I could use it! I'll tell you that right now!

Now surely you can see why I couldn't keep these little gems to myself. Somebody may be running around frantically in search of dude wrap and southern cooking wrapping paper! I gotta do my part people. Gotta do my part.

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Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

I've gotta say that the Buttons paper is actually quite cute. And now I know where to turn when I am in desperate need of beans and rice paper. :)

Chel said...

Okay, first: My fave is certainly the buttons paper. I will email my birthday and address so you can send me a gift wrapped in that one. Since I know how much you like it, too.

Secondly, the Paper Invaders gives me a bit of nostalgia for some reason...but I'm not sure why.

Lastly, the Beans and Rice paper SCREAMS, "I am too broke to buy you an expensive gift!" Better be careful who you give that one to.

Glad to see you this mornin'!

Jodie said...

I don't know Chel. I think Beans & Rice says "whatever is hiding under this paper is very classy indeed". Look how friendly they look. It says to the recipient, we go together like beans & rice.

Jackie: Just looking at the Beans & Rice paper makes me feel like I'm in desperate need of it. :)

bren j. said...

That beans and rice paper is AWESOME!