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22 July 2008

I want to go a-treasure hunting in Manhattan!

Anybody know any sweet spots in the Manhattan area of NY to thrift shop? We're going in about a year. (Maybe a year and a half.)

Clearly, I like to plan ahead.

And ya know, let my brain simmer (and my mouth water) for a while.

If you've been there/live there/know someone who lives/used to live there or one time heard of someone who thought about maybe going there, and you know of some places with treasures (especially of the fashion kind), please share what you know. Any favorite spots. Book stores, places to eat, sight seeing, etc. But most importantly, vintage fashion on the cheap.

Just trying to do my homework. You understand.

And I figured the best place to do homework is to pick the brains of my homegirls. Okay, I don't really say homegirls. It's not at all part of my venacular. But dawgs, or peeps doesn't make for interesting word play with the word homework. (And on second thought, perhaps neither does homegirls.)

Well obviously this day has caused my brain to turn to mush. Or something very much like it.

Feel free now to share your learned secrets of Manhattan. I promise to keep 'em just between us. Because you & me, we tight, homeslice.

Alllriigggghhhhht. Enough already.

Please, please advise! With links if possible. Thank you thank you thank you!

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Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Have not been. But would love to go...so I'll be back to read the comments, and hopefully you'll get some great tips!

Chel said...

Well unfortunately the farthest north I've ever been is Kentucky!

Wait, that's not true: we took a day trip to Ohio once...oh, nevermind.

Fact is, I'm so stinkin' Southern that I've never even VISITED Yankee. Sorry, Dear.

But I can't wait to hear about your adventures! From what people say, you should find fabulous fashion around every corner! Too fun!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

I am no help...but I want to go SO BADLY! TAKE ME WITH YOU, pretty please!


Your jealous bloggy friend.

bren j. said...

haha. Good post. Like everyone else, it seems, I am no help either. The idea of going to NYC scares me. Really....quaking in my not-so-stylish shoes.

Jodie said...

Sarah: I would love to take you with me. We could shop for shoes till our toes fall off! How great would that be! Hey, then we could wear smaller sizes. Seems like the cutest shoes are a sz 7. I'm currently a 9. Drat.

Bren: My shoes are less than stylish too - they're on my list of What to Feverishly Hunt For in NY.

I guess we're all in the same boat here, huh? Well, thanks for your support anyway, though. :) Y'all are some doll-faces!

Tante D's better half said...

Okay, Jo, how did you fail to mention this trip the other night as we feasted on snow cones? I was quite surprised by this post....mostly b/c that doesn't seem like the place you and (well, mostly Stretch) would visit, and b/c ya'll didn't mention it AT ALL! Anyway, you know Tante D has spent time there and h[er] second father figure (who served in our wedding) lives there....I'm sure we can get you some info. And since we have a year to do it, it just might get done in time. :)