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02 August 2008

The Best Night

Last night was one that will go down in the History books. And maybe even the Best Friends 4 Life Chronicles.

Stretch & I, along with our awesome friends, Doug & Holly, were invited to celebrate our friend Tara's birthday, which was a real treat and an honor for us. We had the BEST time (but then again, we always do). My cheeks hurt from laughing at the end of the night. We had a 7:00 reservation and were on our way home at midnight. I think that's a good indication of how much we like each other.

So, we went to this way fancy place to eat. Let's talk first about the food, and then we'll talk about everything else. Because the food? Fantastic. It was easily the best meal I've had in my life. Easily. The best. I swear, one more course and my stomach would've exploded.

I'm tempted to write a short description of each of these, describing them as SO SO good, but that's pretty redundant, aka boring, and I want y'all to still like me. So suffice it to say, the food was ah-mazing!

Here are some of the menu offerings of which we partook:
  • Crab & Mango Cakes
  • Papaya Stuffed Lobster & Tomato Risotto
  • Curried Pumpkin, Crawfish and Corn Bisque
  • Swordfish which involved saffron gastrique
  • Tender loin of Beef served with potatoes and white truffle oil
  • And there was a cold soup trio: watermelon, white asparagus vichyssoise and avocado. Interesting. (The word vichyssoise (and also the word segway) brought us particular delight throughout the evening.)
See? I told you it was fancy. I had the risotto. (I'd already decided before-hand that if I ever found myself at a place that served risotto, that's what I was ordering.) It did not disappoint. No indeed. There was nary a grain left on my plate.

Despite the elaborate menu, the atmosphere was very casual and easy. Even if the silverware count at each place setting was more than I have in my silverware drawer. We had six forks, y'all. Six. Cocktail, appetizer, salad, entreƩ, cheese and dessert. We even had a sorbet spoon. Because there was a sorbet course between the soup and the entreƩ. That just makes me happy.

So far as I'm concerned, there is no better night than that. Best friends. Hysterical fun. Incredible food. Happy marriages. We are very blessed people indeed.

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The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

Hubby and I went there on our anniversary last year. Had the crab cakes, bisque, risotto, and lamb, plus bread pudding! One of the best meals I ever had.

Oh, I know where you went because David and I have been talking about this place for over a year now.

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

WOW! Seriously, you had me at Mango Crab cakes!!

That sounds like SOOO much fun! We haven't done that in forever...I may have to start looking for some reservations here somewhere...hmmm.

Did anybody get the tenderloin with white truffle oil? Wonder what THAT was like...?

Way More Homemade said...

I don't consider myself to be one with a lot of food allergies... but I'd have been itching all over my throat from most of that meal... mango and watermellon... ugh.

Really, most of it sounds incredible.

Blessed... yes.

Tante D's better half said...

we were watching tv last night or night before and they talked about a segway and we just looked at each other and started laughing! I got the pics from Tara and I love them! Man, we are so BFF!

bren j. said...

Please explain "saffron gastrique." I am afraid.
Otherwise, with few exceptions, that does sound like a fantastic meal!

Jodie said...

Bren: So far as I can gather, a gastique is a brothy soupy type thing. Saffron is a very costly herb. At least I think it's an herb.
As you can see, I'm very well versed in all thing cuisine related.

bren j. said...

Yes, we got some 'fake' saffron 'substitute' at a health food store once. it was super cheap and looks like the real thing. we still haven't used it.
why can't they just call it something like....'soupe' with an 'e'?