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30 August 2008

An inconsequential list in which a girl uses the word laudation.

The brain, it is occupied. And so, a list of inconseqential things that have happened; I just am too lazy to put it into coherent paragraph form.

--This week at school, Sweet Pickle had the year's first Show 'n Tell. He was set on bringing his stuffed Larry Boy until a rubber chicken caught his eye. A rubber chicken. Apparently it was her lucky day, as she was the recipient of some serious 5 yr old laudation! The grossest greatest feature of this thing is that it "lays" an egg. You squeeze the belly, it lets out a strange squawk and then voila, disgusting looking egg sac + egg drop out of the chickens bottom. (When you release, the egg is magically sucked back in.) And now you see why she was so well received.

--Nine days ago we had to take Puddin' to the emergency room to be treated for an allergic reaction. While there, one of the nurses said I didn't look old enough to have 3 kids. (Well, thank you ma'am.) She thought I was 21! So I gave her my number so we could be BFFs. When I was leaving I looked back over my shoulder and yelled, holla!!

Not really, but that would've been funny.

--Sweet Pickle thinks I'm skinny "like him". The boy is a Slim Jim. A string bean. Me, on the other hand... I'm roughly 25 lbs. overweight. I love that boy.

--I like to check my referrals on sitemeter to see how people find me. Like I have nothing else to do. Anyway, one person that turned up my site had googled the word pulchtritudinousness. I swear, I didn't know anybody even knew that word. I didn't know it. I stumbled onto it completely by accident.

The other one that has turned up on more than one occasion has been a search for Mop 'n Glo. I don't think what they found was quite what they were looking for. Oh well. You can't please everybody.


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Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Well, aren't you going to inform us as to the MEANING of pulchtritudinousness?

You wouldn't believe how many time I just misspelled that.

Anywho...I just ran my mouse over it and realized it's a link.

Never mind.

Stay safe and dry this weekend!! I'm praying for you, my Cajun friend. :-)

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

young and skinny all in one week...doesn't get any better than that my friend.

That chicken sounds fantastic ;)

Tonja said...

momee also, obviously, thinks you're slim jim...b/c she mailed me some dresses and told me that if they didnt' fit, I should pass them on to you :) you'll be getting them soon!!

words fail me about the rubber chicken...i love that boy!

and i'm not sure why i couldn't comment on those bill dance videos, but i'm laughing!! they're hysterical...thanks, Stretch!

bren j. said...

I got a lot of google referrals thanks to a post in which i mentioned the PigButt Worm - or some sort of freaky deep sea vermin featured in a magazine we got. Weird.

Aren't you supposed to be evacuating or something? Or are you not really living in LA after all? ...Hmm.....maybe you're really a spy and this is all just one big ruse..