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06 August 2008

Seriously good summer refreshment.

I know I'm not the only one to notice this, but the heat? It is on. It is so. so. hot outside, and I have discovered (stumbled upon quite by accident) a most delicious recipe for one of my favorite summertime drinks.
Vanilla Lemonade
I like vanilla. I like lemonade. They must be yummy together. Sounds like a good marriage to me.
Mmmmm. So good.
I love this stuff.
I followed the recipe but I used LARGE lemons, so I used only 4, but then put slices of an unsqueezed lemon into my pitcher.
'Cause I like it like dat.
Do not delay.
Locate thy trusty steed, and get thyself to the grocery store with haste!
You will not be disappointed.
How could you be? It's Vanilla Lemonade.

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bren j. said...

Well shoot. My trusty steed is...non-existent. I wonder what vanilla LIME would taste like?