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12 August 2008

Here we go again.

Sweet Pickle started Kindergarten on Monday.
He informed me yesterday afternoon that he doesn't really like school too much (even though he's been asking me and asking me and A S K I N G me, When does school start Mom? What's taking it so long?) He said he doesn't really like it except for recess and lunch in the cafeteria.
Especially when there's lasagna because he likes to "put it inside his bread and eat it together".
Bring it on Cafeteria Ladies. Round Two. Let's do this!

Ding! Ding!

(This may get ugly.)

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Anonymous said...

Them ladies don't want none! It's on now. Show em whatcha got.

Jodie said...

What I got is burnt chicken nuggets.
This may get ugly alright. Ugly for ME!

Way More Homemade said...

The day my dd started Kinder... she came home with 36 pecans in her backpack that she smuggled in from the playground. **sigh** ahh the things they come up with at this age.

Way More Homemade said...

ok - I just read your links to previous posts... not sure why you're even gonna try. My husband still hears from his mom about how he used to love the cafeteria hamburgers over the ones they had at home... the one thing we moms have going for us is a LOOONNNG memory. :)

bren j. said...

Lasagna? In a sandwich? Hmmm.