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02 March 2008

A Thing of Beauty Is a Joy Forever

Last night we had an impromptu girl's night. I was happy. On the way to the restaurant I had on the radio and got all giddy to hear Journey singing Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) (1983). It's not every day I hear Journey and it had been a long time since I'd heard that particular song, so I pumped up the volume and sang.

Loud. (I know. It's supposed to be loudly. But I don't talk like that.)

When the song wrapped up, I heard the sweet and sultry voice of none other than (are you ready for this? Because I wasn't.)

Casey Kasem. Yes! Casey. Kasem. I know! (I didn't even know he was still alive. Sorry Casey.)

I was delighted (highly pleased). I wanted to start clapping really fast, but I was driving so you can see where that would be hazardous (full of risk; perilous). I had landed on a Top 10 of sorts. What a great start to girl's night!! You cannot imagine my excitedness! Then he plays Hey There Delilah which I was so happy to hear from start to finish because I love that sweet little song. Next up, another blast from the 80's (1989 I think), a hit from the B52's. Yep. Love Shack. (Did they ever have another hit??) I have a great love for most things 80's, but a really sweet spot in my heart for the music. Only until now, I didn't know how sweet it was.

My oh my.

So I'm singing along (to Love Shack) at a volume that should be embarrassing (but I'm not embarrassed). I'm beating it out on the steering wheel, so happy to be alive. And then something happened that surprised even me.

I got a lump in my throat. At the height of the song, the bang bang on the door baby, I had to stop singing, much to my chagrin. And shame (the painful feeling arising from the consciousness of something dishonorable, improper, ridiculous, etc., done by oneself or another).

Because I was crying. I squeaked out tin roof! rusted but it was puny. Nowhere near the passion and gusto I was going for.

It was a very telling moment for me. I had no idea that my love for the 80's ran that deep.

So that experience in the car (which was most assuredly sweetened by Casey Kasem) coupled with some face to face time with my dawgs - Ohhh sweet mercy. It was a perfect night.

A thing of beauty.

**You may have noticed a few definitions scattered throughout this post. It's because WordGirl's feelin' verbose today. Word up!**

4 people love me:

Tonja said...

words fail me...LOL...i'm just laughing!!!

yay for girls' night out! yay for Casey Kasem (that is a throw back)! and love shack...LOL!!
I'm glad you're not embarassed b/c I'm laughing!


Linda said...

Oh you scared me; I thought Casey had passed. I did not want to keep reading. And that line about the Chrysler as big as a whale gets me every time. Truly, a thing of beautity IS a joy forever. I feel ya on this one, girl.

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

You are too funny. Wonder what happened to his ditzy wife - remember her?

Jodie said...

Linda - yeah, that Chrysler was his "car that seats about twenty". That part get ME every time. :)

Missy - I had no idea he had a wife. Apparently in my mind, his glory outshined hers. Poor girl, she was just invisible to me.