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24 March 2008

I have sunk (sank)(sunken) to a new low.

I was confused.

My mind was clouded by the deal... How could I pass on five boxes of cereal for $10 plus a free dozen eggs?? Isn't that obviously the right choice? More food for less money?? So what if we take issue with corn syrup and crack for breakfast. It's a good deal. Right? And although I usually stand strong, face like flint, against these kinds of attacks, this time I caved. And because I was blinded, I made the drive to Albertson's. I huddled my poor, innocent by-standers children into the beastly, cumbersome and too-small-for-Sweet Pickle's-legs car, and I somehow managed to maneuver my way to the cereal aisle without knocking over any endcap displays, although my CARt seemed like something from hell sent to ruin me. It was a miracle that was equal to or greater than the parting of the Red Sea.

I should've just walked away. I was taken by the Crack-Cereal Giants, LLC. These were the "Great Deal" options I was offered they were pushing, and what I ultimately brought home:

Cookie Crisp Colossal Toothrot
Berry Burst Cheerios
Freezedried Toothrot
Cinnamon Toast Crunch Toothrot Squared
(not pictured) Curves Honey Wheat flakes
(not pictured) Curves Whole Wheat something or others

I understand that these choices, with the possible exception of the last two, don't even qualify as food items. But who wants to eat five boxes of boring flakes? Not me, I can tell you that much. And not anybody else in this house either. They probably won't even eat a bowl. I'll be the only one eating my Curves away.

So you see how I got myself into this then?

My dear sweet precious, precious family,
I'm so sorry. Never again will Mama purchase such cheapness and try to pass it off on you as food. I don't know what came over me. I wasn't myself. I don't even know that person. We're takin' it back to the old school, and we'll be going back to cereals I can feel good about feeding you. I know I can do better than this!! I know other people eat this stuff. Please forgive me, and just let me eat the rest of the Cookie Crisp. It's not good for you.

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Just another crazy family said...

You are too funny. I also do not buy sugary cereal for my kids. Cheerios all the way. Now and then I will buy the low sugar Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Anyway, a lot of times the good bargains are not really bargains in the end when they are full of fat and sugar, so consequently you're not giving your kids the nutrients they need.

Glad to see you're blogging again. I've been checking on you.

Anonymous said...

Way to take one for the team with the Cookie Crisps! ;)

Teresa @ A Life At Home said...

Donate them to the food pantry, girl! Or you can drop them off at the front of Walmart in that little basket-thingy. Then, at least you can feel better that you did a good deed. ;-) At least you got eggs out of the deal! lol

Tonja said...

those are some expensive eggs! $10...wow!