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08 March 2008

Correction & Cessation

Last night one (or both) of the kids tore 2 books. I hate it when they do that. We never did get the whole truth and nothing but the truth on whodunnit. So I'm telling them how disappointed I am that they didn't take care of their books, and how that makes me sad. I tell them that if they don't take care of their books I won't buy them anymore. (Even I don't believe that part.)

And then I say, "and you know, Jesus said He wants us to take good care of our things."

Sweet Pickle (4 yr) looks at me and gives me a slow nod and says, "Oohhhh okay. I see what you're sayin'."

I think he's figuring out how to make my mouth stop.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, you played the Jesus card. Tough stuff. I hate it when kids tear books too. The new smell of them makes me happy. But I am a little sad like that!