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30 March 2008

A Tutu Giveaway!!!

I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! I only wish it was for an adult size tutu. If, say, it were, this is the one I'd choose. Plum Poof. I even like the way that sounds.

If, however, you have a little girl, oh the sweet joy she would know to win one of these absolutely, most-stupendously adorable tutus! Oh y'all! They are some cute! My daughter would squeal, and then dance all day!

Aqua/Mint Poof

Milk Chocolate Satin - Be still my beating heart.

Bubble Gum

Candy Apple Red Satin - This will probably be my choice, if I'm chosen.

Sassy Pink Poof - sassy indeed.

Jennifer has some of the cutest things in her shop. They almost make me wish I was six again. Almost.

Go see for yourself at Little Piddles. Check out all of the Be Jeweled tutus and leave a comment. Maybe you'll win. I hope not though. Because I want to win. :)

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Tami said...

These are so cute. Love them. Your blog is great. Just found it and I will be back to visit. I used to live in Monroe. Went to college there and met my husband there. Special memories in LA

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

Jodie .. won't your little girl look too precious in this. Hope you win! I think Katie would probably like one, but not sure. She still likes to play dress-up, but not tutus, more into hot pants and midriff showing shirts which her mother and father are appalled by. Don't worry, we make her change, the little hoochie-mama. Honestly, I think they fit her that way because all her dress-up clothes are like a size 4 and she is an 8.

Tonja said...

I hope you win!! You need a tutu in your life :)

Red River Interiors said...


Thanks for visiting my blog today.
Please,stop by often...I'm always open to making new friends...so I had to stop by and see your site...First things, you are too funny. Where did you get those names for your kids? The tutus are also cute. When I was a kid and my family lived in KY my sister and I played a made up game called Puddin and Mrs. Jones. when I saw that you call one of your kids Puddin I laughed out loud...only in the south. Being raised in California most of my life kind of takes the home spun humor out of things...I love your humor and your writing...You have a way with words...I like the voice you use to communicate...It's honest,fun, authentic...Love it..Keep it up... Fay

Kwana said...

Thanks for the visit today and glad to know you're a Mr. Darcy fan. Sigh....