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26 February 2008

Everything's betta when you got some feta.

I'm pretty sure that when God rained down "manna" from heaven for the Israelites in the desert, what they really got was feta cheese. I believe it because I know for certain that man can indeed live by cheese alone, but even God said you can't live by bread alone.

Oh, I kid. Don't get all excommunicatin' on me.

It was really bread. Bread that had been made completely out of feta cheese. I mean, consider, it was sent from Heaven. Where else would feta cheese come from?

2 people love me:

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

If i had a nickle for every time I have said 'Everything is betta with a little feta'...

Great cheeseheads think alike.

Jodie said...

Hey Mis - I knew I liked you!! ;)