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22 February 2008

My Coveted Fashion Pictu-mentary

If all my wardrobe dreams came true (in other words, if I found a large unmarked bag of large bills or maybe some gold bricks - preferably without a ransom note) this is what I'd buy: Yes, I'd go shopping. Not to the Police Dept. to return said cash. Shopping. A-hem.
Where was I?
Oh yes, what would I spend all of the filthy cash on....
1. A trench coat. We are big Apprentice people here, and I saw Ivanka wearing a silvery-gray one like this recently. It looked great on her, and from that moment on, I've needed one. This one would be nice. Plus it's on sale at Target for $20. That's my kind of bargain. But what do I care? I just found a ton o' cash!

2. Lots of jackets and sweaters. I'm becoming more and more obsessed with outerwear. I used to hate to shop for winter clothes because we live on the equator in S. Louisiana and winter only lasts a few hours here. But I have really fallen for the look of a jacket/sweater coat/cardigan. They've become my favorite clothing category. I could easily spend all of my husband's money on fun ones like these:

The red one speeds up my heart. :)
I also like this, and this.
3. Dark trouser jeans. They look flattering on EVERYBODY. I keep putting off buying a pair though. I want to be thinner before I make the investment as I like to wear my clothes until they dry-rot, so it's imperative that they fit well - for a looong time. Buying a pair of jeans is a serious commitment people. I like this pair.

4. New tops that aren't so casual. I'm a homemaker, which means I clean up a bunch of messes all day, but I really get tired of feeling like a frump-a-dump. So I'd like some new dress-up clothes. These would make me feel sassy:

***Note: some of these are pictured as dresses. Rest assured they would be worn as shirts on this model. ;)
5. Shoes. So stinkin' cute, these ones are:

I understand that these all look like basically the same shoe. I'm totally okay with that. Cuteness matters more than sameness. And really, color. How could I choose between that delicious green and that rosy rose?

Oh and I love these boots. Big big. I've been on the lookout for a pair of gray boots. These would be my best good friends. If I could walk in them.

As I look at these pictures all lined up on one page it is very clear to me that I am a pattern chicken. It is also quite clear that I'm drawn in by similar detail - like shimmery stuff, and ruffly stuff. That, and yellow & gray.

I find myself at a fashion crossroads. I'm 28. Almost out of the 20-somethings and into the 30-somethings (which I'm so ready for - I think I'll post on that soon). I'm ready for a look upgrade. A delicate balance of cute and funky. Classy funky.

I look in my closet now though, and most of my threads don't fit that mold. They're my "bridge clothes". What I wear in the meantime, while I update my style, one piece at a time.

I understand how terribly boring this post is. If you're still here, bless your heart. :) Now you know me a little bit better. And have squandered precious minutes of your life reading the most boring thing ever written. :)

Happy Sunday!

3 people love me:

Tonja said...

i'm still here...you inspire me to wear cute clothes, because that is something I am NOT good at...picking out and wearing cute clothes. Lord help me!

Tonja said...

ok, but i have to say, that even though the shoes may be in style, I don't know if I could wear them. I know...I am in my thirties...which puts me in a whole different category, right? :)
but they just remind me of what my mom wore on her wedding day...and what my aunt Grace wore when she dressed up :) hehe

Faulkx6 said...

So after reading this I know your a woman after my own heart! :)