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17 February 2008

My how time flies... and drags.

Has it really only been 9 days? Because I swear it feels longer than that. It feels like at least a week and 3 days.

And several hours.

I missed y'all! And you know, I've gotten so much sweet feedback from some of you that it made it even harder to stay away. As much as I'd like to break away and spend some good face-to-face time with my friends more often, we're all in busy seasons of life and getting together is HARD. We sometimes go weeks, and so, this has been really good for me. Therapeutic in a way because your comments build my confidence. Y'all have encouraged me, challenged me, and even in some ways, discipled me. It's been really good.

This past week (9 days. Whatever.) has been so busy I've had nary a minute to get on anyway, much as I wanted to. I've cleaned and cooked and read - and still found at the end of the day so much more to do! It's been a satisfying week for me though. I've done some of those things I've really wanted to do, and it feels good.

You may be a bit bumfuzzled about what I'm doin' here at all, considering my last post. Well, my darling husband and I sat down a few days ago and talked about blogging, and how much I missed it (SO MUCH), and did he think there might be a way for me to still do it, just not you know, so much, and not leave my family feeling ignored. We wracked our wigs trying to find a solution we could all be happy with, and then in his great wisdom he said, what if you just blogged on the weekends? (I was thinking maybe if we put our minds together we could think of a way for me to do it every day, but even we're not that smart.) So I said okay. And I smiled. Because it made me happy.

So here's the deal: Weekends only, unless/until I am truly satisfied with the status of everything else. Translation: I cannot have a pile of ironing I've been meaning to get to for a week and a half or three, and I can't neglect the leaning tower of Piza papers (that need to make their home in the filing cabinet). You know. Stuff like that. And other things too, like, what's for dinner, and have I played with my little dumplins yet today? Have I spent any time in their world? Have I focused my mind on God yet today? Bottom line, am I truly okay with the way the rest of my life is, and if the answer is no, than there's really no time for blogging.

Except on the weekends. The rule is more stretchy on the weekends.

So yay. I'm back! And I'm terrible happy 'bout it.

3 people love me:

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

That's a good plan!!

Welcome back!

Tonja said...

hooray for you!
I have to say that I was surprised to see a blog (uh...two) when I stopped by. And, I was stopping by...b/c I thought just maybe you'd broken down and blogged just one last time :)
ah...to my surprise and delight, not once but twice!!
we really should be neighbors :)
i'll be checking back more often now.
love you!

Linda said...

God is going to honor your plan. Since I am probably the age of your mom, I can say, "I'm proud of you."