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22 February 2008

May I have a word?

I wish I'd thought this out better before I got started. If it wasn't so much trouble, I'd probably change it now, but I think it's way too much trouble, and much too late. Drat.

Double drat.

I'm talking about the name of my blog. You know, I've been asked the question before, if I could have a superpower what would it be? I used to think I'd want to be invisible, but I've done that, and it's overrated. So what then? Well, after much thought and deliberation, or maybe it was just after seeing one episode, I've decided that I want to be WordGirl. And if I didn't already have a blog I would totally name it Word Girl. Because that's ME! (at heart anyway)

Am I not the girl that won the Spelling Bee in the 4th Grade!? I even got a trophy, with a gold bee. Very classy. And then I went onto regionals (only to be crushed in round 1 by the dumb judge who mispronounced reservoir, making it sound like reservore. Which is how I spelled it. And how was I to know it was pronounced reserVOIR!? I was in the 4th Grade. How could I know anything about a receptacle or chamber for holding a liquid or fluid.) Dumb judge. I could've been somebody! I could've been WordGirl! Because what's important to a word girl?... "It's her love of vocabulary that helps WordGirl save the day in her never-ending battle for truth, justice and use of the right word". I am ALL ABOUT THAT! That is ME.

For now I'll just try to be content with watching her on PBS and getting my kids to fall in love with her, too. So that I don't have to miss an episode. Because man, I love me some WordGirl.

But if one day I can figure out how to make it happen, I will make the blogosphere switch.

And if it's not too much to ask, could you just call me that from now on? I'll be answering to WordGirl from here on out. In case anybody wants to know.

Signing off,

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Tonja said...

so, WordGirl (I like it :) what does RAVISHED mean? and when you find out, read Song of Solomon 4:9-10 and let me know what you think about THAT!