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16 January 2008

Oh happy day!

Wow. Is there anything more beautiful than poo when your baby is constipated? I walked into Lil' Schmo's room this morning and instantly knew his bowels had been on the move... and no tears! He didn't cry... which means he wasn't in pain. Thank the Lord!! So I said, "Hiii honey! I'm so glad to see you. And smell you."

I'm telling you, you couldn't tempt me with diamonds this morning. Or petit fours. I would take poo instead. Now that's makin' a statement.

So stand aside all you blingy objects and shiny things. Thou temptest me not! You got nothin' on a dirty diaper.

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Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Are you having some serious constipation issues? Or is this a one time deal?

I am asking because we have dealt with this and are having very long consequences because of it that you do not want. Email me if you need to!! I am on a mission to spare mommies all across America of the CRAP haha we are dealing with now.

Tonja said...