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I really do not know that anything has ever been more exciting than diagramming sentences. Gertrude Stein

26 January 2009

([{something something something something)]}

Before I begin with today's scheduled program, let me just say that y'all are the best! Turns out most of my peeps are regulars, which just makes me so happy. :) I am always glad for new people to love me {of course} but I love my faithfuls. And might I just add, y'all are some entertaining people! I just love what food items you'd like to have "on tap", in the case that you were able to {sweet mercy from Heaven} dispense something from your navel. Y'all are so fun!

OH! And Tracy G --- I have no other way to contact you, so please forgive me for saying this publicly: I just had to tell you Thank You for stalking me! That makes ME smile! And girl, you are so very brave [and you're also my new hero]... I cannot believe that you took your 4 YOUNG CHILDREN across so many state lines camping. In my mind, I think that that would really be a blast and aLOT 'o fun, but it also terrifies me. You are an inspiration to us all! :)

Lately, days and days pass between postings. I wish that weren't so, but my brain seems to be thinking only short thoughts. Things that if posted beg for a list format.

Such as:

{{Every time I say that, the next thing to pop into my mind is: the Iraq}}

1. Heather Bullard's site. When I found her blog, I could not move from my chair. Page after page after page... I couldn't turn away. Seriously, I wish I could make my house look like hers--with so apparent little effort of the mind. She makes it look easy. [says in airy voice...] It's sooo beautifuuuullll...I swear to you, never before have I seen so many things I JUST LOVE in one collective place. So much loveliness. She has a gift that I covet.
2. Got a new journal. So promising. So intimidating.
3. Got a new vacuum. The beginning of my relationship with a new vacuum is always so hopeful. So far, I am smitten. I've found lost toys with that vacuum. That is some serious suction action.
4. I keep trying to think of a way to incorporate more pink into our home.
5. Why is it so easy to know what I love when I see it, and yet have such difficulty just creating what I love?
6. I've considered doing the Project 365 thing but I just reeeaaallly do not want to commit. I am resistant to anything regimented or required of me on a daily basis. HOWEVER, I would like to have a general documentation of our year in photos. I'd like to look back over that as time goes on, and remember things I might've otherwise forgotten. So then, after a few days of deliberating, I have created Verbs & Nouns. {You may (or may not) have noticed that I changed the name. Initially I had created Hotchpotch Goulash, but I found myself liking it less and less... So I deleted it, and created instead, Verbs & Nouns: Because sometimes life moves. And sometimes it stands still.} T'aint much to look at yet, but soon, I'll start posting photos. Soon is a relative term, of course.
7. Do tiny tornadoes pass through my house while my back is turned at the sink? [ah, Who am i kidding? The computer] Every day?
8. Yes, they must.
9. How else does all this mess happen?
10. Maybe, just maybe, it's three tornadoes. Three very short ones, since all of the mess seems to land on the floor.
11. Yes, that's probably what happens.
12. I can't seem to find just the thing to tie my whole bathroom together. In my mind though, whatever it is, I think it must be red. I cannot make peace with that room until it is complete. And complete, it is not.
13. I need to improve my preparation of vegetables. Love them as I may, I still fall short in tasty preparation. And you know, variety.
14. I have a punctuation issue. I have trouble deciding between (), [], and {}. 'Course I like 'em all - I'm just trying to settle on a favorite --- for consistency's sake.
15. I have the messiest baby in all the land. {Yes, I do.}
16. I tend to nest a few times a year. Sometimes it's decorating, sometimes it's cleaning or organizing. Currently, it's all of that, with particular focus on putting things in containers. (Sidenote: I do not balk at spending money on earrings or any variety of fun items, but looking at the cost spent on organizing always feels too high. Why all the resistance to something that makes me feel so good when things are tidy?)
17. Stretch just ordered the P90X. I hope to amaze myself. And I also hope to not disappoint myself. And yes, those are two separate distinctions.

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The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

I'm doing Project 365 and only posted twice. Don't feel pressured because I sure don't.

Wish I could come over and do P90X, but I wouldn't want to put you to shame with my massive pull-up abilities (because honestly I can't even do one).

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

I agree with Mama Belle...I am the worst 365er around...very haphazard, and I decided that I am just not going to put the pressure on myself. If I miss a day (or a week...ahem), well, then so be it. So don't sweat it, girl!

Loving your punctuation dilemma - I personally love the {}. Looks elegant. ;)

Tante D's better half said...

I went to look at the site you mentioned that you love...just out of curiosity....and I laughed and laughed when I saw all the birds and nests and eggs. What is up with the birds/nests/eggs? Do you have a bird fettish? You funny, yeah!

Eva said...

hello, thank you so much for your mail, it was a great surprise!

i think the house on the site you menitoned is beautifu, but i don't think any small children live there, or if they do, they must be terribly unhappy never being able to play the way children do. i love my messy appartment because the mess is made by my two kids. i am sure no-one would ever exchane their children for a beautiful house.

Stretch said...

Tante D's better half... she likes dem nest cause I'm part Egret.

Anonymous said...

So... if we all get together next weekend in BR, what do you say we hit Anthropologie at Perkins Rowe? :)

bren j. said...

You DO live in an area that's somewhat tornado-prone, do you not?

I hear you about the vegetables. We made a really good sort of pico de gallo (sp?) today that when I think about it, is all manner of tastiness and lovely raw veg in one bowl. I'm sure I ate at least a cup of it et voila! Two servings! (I just realized that I had exactly THREE of my 5-10 today. Man, I suck.)

And also, be careful with your crazy "extreme" workout thing. It looks scary.