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03 February 2009

A Smattering of Good Words

If you don't like laughing really hard, don't read this. Otherwise, by all means, carry on {my wayward son}. [sorry]

Antique Mommy wrote a fantastic parenting analogy. It is SPOT ON! If you are a parent, you will love this. I just know it. And I believe that you will agree wholeheartedly!

Lastly, what Sue wrote about morning routines is fantastically funny! Trust me, it's funnier than that sentence makes it sound. I promise. It is SO VERY worth your time, because you will relate and you will laugh... if you have little ones to ship off to school that is.

Okay, off you go!

3 people love me:

bren j. said...

So I had time to read almost all of those and mostly, I'm just scared of fudge made with VELVEETA.....

Eva said...

all this is so funny and so true! especially i enjoyed the morning routines.(anything mentioning Bill Murray just has to be great.) first i laughed imagining all the procedures Sue described, then i laughed realizing i do the the same thing every morning - the individual moves are a bit different, but they amount to the same thing, and then i sobered up and got a bit terrified at the thought that really that is what my life is all about.

but as long as we can laugh about it and know that such routines, as scary as they can seem at a time, are really a crucial ingredient of our love and what truly makes the world go round, we will never end up living a single day twice.

Mike said...

Funny. Really.