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16 February 2009

Weekend Getaway, Part Un: Freaky Friday

Stretch whisked me away for the weekend. We had planned to go to one place and he (sneaky little thing) surprised me with an announcement that we were not in fact going to that place, we were going to a different place. A bed and breakfast. He knows that those words are my love language.

I will not disclose the name of the place though, because I want to speak freely about our experience there. And let me just get that out in the open right now... it was an experience.

I'm so glad he took me there!

Also, I have to break this down into two days. Each day deserves its own space. You will soon understand why.

Okay so here we go.

Freaky Friday.

I learned something new about myself. I do not like going into new, unfamiliar territory under the cover of night. Especially if that territory is set back into the woods and involves a wooden bridge. That right there, is a recipe for the booboo jeebies. Oh, and I got 'em.

We pulled up to the place and were greeted by a woman to check us in and show us to our room. It did not go unnoticed that there was a rather large (perhaps half-gallon) bottle of Jack Daniels on the kitchen counter.

We were then lead up a long, narrow staircase.

At the top of that staircase, we hooked a right (because we were in the East Wing) and found ourselves facing the longest, most narrow and also most creepy hallway I have ever seen. Located at the far (dark) end of that hallway, was a door. Actually, the hallway was flanked on both ends by identical doors. Standing smack in the middle of those doors, at the top of the stairway, I realized I was more than a little scared to be where we were.

Now you tell me that doesn't freak you out just a little bit and I will tell you, YOU my friend ARE A LIAR!

But all was not lost.

We settled into our rooms and found this beautiful little sweet treat.

We also found that we didn't know how to lock the doors. Great. Freaky Factor skyrocketing by the second. I'm not going to the bathroom by myself in here.

Meanwhile, other guests are arriving (PRAISE THE LORD) and we were joking about the Jack Daniels lady. I heard her coming up the stairs and said, "Go ask her how to lock the door!!" And then, just for good measure, I added, "Go ask Jack Daniels. Go ask Jackie." {Cause you know, I thought I was so funny, giving her such a clever nickname.}

Well, Stretch opens the door and as this clearly intoxicated woman is descending the stairs he says, "Ma'am, um, Mrs. Jackie, could you tell me how to lock our door?"

Well, I 'bout lost it! I was, as we say, crezzin'- stifling my uncontrollable laughter by burying my face in the bed sheets. It should also be noted that the backside of our bed was the same wall that ran alongside the staircase, so basically what I'm saying is, "Mrs. Jackie" was standing pretty much right behind me when Stretch said that.

To this day, we don't know that woman's real name. We just call her Jackie. But we do know, because she told us, that we were not dressed fancy enough to eat at the Oxbow Restaurant (which is unfortunate because we later found out that the d├ęcor there was somethin' else.)

We made it through the night without incident. I prayed y'all. A bunch. Because girlfriend was frightened. I was glad to know Jesus, but I was still some. scared.

And that concludes Friday.

Tomorrow's post, Stellar Saturday. Look for it.

It was really that good. You know, good enough for a "stellar" rating.

For me anyway. See ya then!

6 people love me:

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

Yikes! Reminds me of my night at one of the cottages in back of Oak Alley Plantation after I read the book in the room where everyone wrote that there was a ghost living in the closet and how many people saw her. Didn't sleep a wink.

Eva said...

finally, a post from you!

it sounds just like a scary story out of Roald Dahl's! how lucky you were there were other guests, otherwise she would probably poison you (she hid the poison in the "beautiful valentine surprise") and make beautiful stuffed decorations out of your bodies.

do you know his stories? they are a nice light read and you can see how horror writers got their inspiration from his work.

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

This is so funny...those hallways are scary. It looks like something out of The Shining!

I can't wait to hear the rest of the saga...do tell!!

Rachel said...

OK, that hallway FREAKS ME OUT! Looks like something straight out of "The Shining."

I know what city you guys were in (because of the restaurant - we too were denied entrance because we weren't "fay-ncy" enough). Next time you go there I can recommend a really awesome B&B.

beautiful disaster said...

What a creepy shaped hallway. It's like a rhombus, but not quite. ::chills:: Apparently I am a glutten for punishment, because for me creepy = awesome. And I liked The Shining.

Looks like you had an awesome time!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Oh, my dear, I positively have SHIVERS after looking at the hallway.

Note to self - if I ever start up a Bed and Breakfast (highly unlikely!), I will not be laying in a stash of Jack Daniels, because now I know what my guests will be calling me! :) I love it!