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28 February 2009


I recently saw this meme and thought it would be a whole lotta fun! You, too, may play this ridiculous game by googling "your name + given phrase" and then post the nonsensical results. Game on!

Jodie looks like.....
Jodie looks like a big monkey. Hahahaha! That makes me laugh!
Jodie looks like a young. Intuitive... *squints eyes and becomes paranoid and suspicious* ...since I used to BE a YOUNG.
Jodie looks like she is so happy to be a new mom, it is a little weird to see her all grown up. Yeah, being all grown up is a little weird from where I'm standing, too.

Jodie likes.....
Jodie likes to jump off the boat mid-conversation. Untrue. I do not like jumping off of boats.
Jodie likes her crisps and chocolate. I'm not sure what crisps are but they do sound delicious. I probably DO like them. And yes, Jodie likes her chocolate.
Jodie likes Leona Lewis. Oddly enough, I only know one of her songs, and it has been trapped in my head for the past 3 days... I've been humming and singing it just about everywhere I go. I've now reached the point where if you cut me open I keep bleeding Bleeding Love.

Jodie says.....
Jodie says hello. I do!! I'm powerful pleased to see you! Come in a while and rest ya face! Put yourself level on a chair and stay some more!
Jodie says no to surgery. No she don't. I like surgery actually. Surgery is my friend. It made getting my children to the outside of my body a possibility and I welcomed that wholeheartedly!
Jodie says "at da start of da song is it a different language?? Its confusing!!" Yes, yes, that is exactly something I might say.

Jodie wants.....
Jodie wants to be posh. If by posh you mean smart and elegant and fashionable, then why yes. Yes, I do. I want to be posh.
Jodie wants to play. Mmmhm. I know das real. {And there went posh, right out the window!}
Jodie wants to dance! ...all she wants to do is dance! (And she'd like to be good at it too, if it's not too much to ask.... and um, evidently it is.)

Jodie does.....
Jodie DOES NOT RULE! Alright, alright... don't have to be so hostile.
Jodie does it again. I'm not at all sure what to say about this.
Jodie does not have Multiple Personality Disorder. No, she does not. I know, because I just asked her.

Jodie hates.....
Jodie hates her life and looks, but when she wakes up one morning as a stegosaurus things are even worse. Zut alors! This is terrible! My request must've gotten lost in the mail!! I asked to be a UNICORN, not a STEGASAURUS! Somebody get my people on the phone!
Jodie hates numbers. Oooh, indeed I do. Numbers really expose how unsmart I actually am. I've been known to be over-exuberant about payday because I may have miscalculated by a few tens or hundreds of dollars.
Jodie hates the world. Define "the world" and then we can talk some more about this.

Jodie can.....
Jodie can protect herself. Aw yeah! "When I'm hungry I bites the noses off livin' grizzly b'ars!"
Jodie can can be reached by email. Truer words have never been spoken. {Well, maybe they have, but them words right there are really, really, truly true.}
Jodie can be found playing in and around the NYC area. Why yes I can! Late June, you can find me there! And you can also find me in and around the area of DELIGHTED!

Jodie goes.....
Jodie goes out clubbing. No she do not.
Jodie goes to Paris. Oooh really! When? I want to know when?! I need to brush up on my French and start eating beignets and cwoissan's!
Jodie goes home. Home Sweet Home - there's no place like it.

Jodie is.....
Jodie is back. And forth. (I don't know, people. Nothing else comes to mind.)
Jodie is doing very well. I would drop the "very" and call it good.
Jodie is a naturally talented decorator, who creates beautiful solutions to every room in your home. This is false. I am not a "naturally talented" decorator. I wish this were true of me but alas, it is not. I'm still learning how to marry my styles which I think is something like Romantic Country meets Rustic Cottage Something Or Other.

Jodie loves.....
Jodie loves losing clothes. ...It's like Google doesn't even know me.
Jodie loves adam 4eva. Um, sike. (Or is it psych?) But she does love Stretch 4life! Because he is:

Jodie loves the outdoor life. Yes she really does, as long as The Outdoor Life doesn't actually get on her.

Awww, see? Wasn't that fun?! Now go do yours so I can read that!
And have a happy weekend y'all!

4 people love me:

Eva said...

this was fun. what caught my eye was "Jodie looks like she is so happy to be a new mom, it is a little weird to see her all grown up" and your comment on it. in my case, so true. it seems i'll never fulfill the sudden expectations of being a responsible, no-nonsense madam...

a lovely and love-filled day to you...have fun.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

So fun! I've seen this floating around and I've thought about doing it...but alas, I have not your wit to do the commentary, so I'm afraid mine would flop. :) I'll settle for just reading yours.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Fun !! By the way , You DO like crisps , which are what you probably call potato chips . I mean , who doesn't ?

bren j. said...

I do loves me some crisps - only not most of the weirdo flavours you get in Britain.

This meme was fun but looks too involved for me right now. My poor Google Reader is still sitting close to 150.