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I really do not know that anything has ever been more exciting than diagramming sentences. Gertrude Stein

05 February 2009

The Useless Trivia, It Just Keeps Flowing

This has been going around Facebook like a stomach bug. Everybody's catching it! People are tagging and being tagged LEFT and RIGHT! But I ain't gon' lie, I like it.

25 Random Stuffs About Me

1 I love laughing. It's my favorite.

2 I'm noticing more and more lines on my face. Smile lines around my eyes, creases in my forehead from a furrowed brow, and these 2 lines { || } just above the bridge of my nose that look like a pause symbol. Most of those lines are just proof that I fret.

3 I love typing. I used to phantom-type words on my legs while I was talking to people. Fancy fidgeting.

4 I lived in a halfway house for 9 months, and I believe it was instrumental in saving my life.

5 I can't decide if I'm more introverted or extroverted.

6 I hate the hunter green/burgundy/navy blue color combo.

7 I have a tattoo. I wish I had been more particular about my choice though --- it should've been a unicorn.

8 I miss singing, but I'm terrified to start up again.

9 I won a Spelling Bee when I was in the 4th grade. Spelling excites me.

10 I have my own blog that I want everyone to read and know about {and love}, and then I get all nervous when I find out people I know are reading and knowing about it.

11 I love that I know how to sew, knit, cross-stitch and embroider. {Oh yeah, and decoupage.---that's for you Holly!}

12 I also love: paper, chocolate mint, gift wrap, swans and rabbits.

13 My love for swans is a recent development. SWANS, of all things. Coulda been worse, I suppose. I could've developed as obsession with leg warmers, and that would just be tragic and unfortunate.

14 I do not have a green thumb. I have killed, in my lifetime, two (2) cacti. (And yeah, I know, no one says cacti but cactuses sounds sooo duuumb.)

15 I miss ballet so, so much.

16 I suck at time management. I am what you might call "of the lazy persuasion".

17 I love nesting---and I also like birds and nests, which is not directly related... Danny says I like the nests&birds so much because he's part egret.

18 I am a word NERD. I love language. I would love to take a class that requires nothing of me but to diagram sentences ALL. DAY. LONG. Just the thought makes my heart beat a little faster.

19 I did not graduate from college. I "took off a semester" to get married and never went back. And now I have all these kids... but I'm okay with that.

20 I used to swim in the ditch when I was little. I also used to walk a tight rope between 2 trees in my backyard.

21 I know how to cut a sweet trail with a machete.

22 I have no friends that I can trace back to the beginning of my life. Only family. Too much moving, and too little connecting.

23 I tend to think of the glass as half empty.

24 I feel very fortunate to have people in my life that teach me truth and give me grace.

25 I love Pride & Prejudice and wish I lived in that era, except with plumbing. "...it's all very (veddy) vexing... I am quite put out!"

4 people love me:

Eva said...

the thing about leg warmers nearly killed me. swans are amazing. especially if you see them in nature. they really are as elegant and white as they are portrayed in literature (and in disney's cartoons).

you made me all curious about dagramming sentences. but do i really need a new time-consuming love?

bren j. said...

I resonate with more of these than not but particularly the last one and the third one.

Dance classes always seemed so nerdy to me but I was (okay, fine! I still am!) a klutz so they were never a thought.

That's probably the same reason I've never tried my hand with a machete. You should be on survivor!

Carlie Faulk said...

Jodie ~ you're so much fun to read.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

#3 - no way. I still do that to this day. Well, not on my leg, but while I'm talking with someone, I'll fixate on one word that they say and then type it over and over and over. I drive myself nuts.

#23 - me too, girl.

#6 - made me laugh out loud (yes, I just went out of order, sorry). That has to be one of the worst combos, but in the early 90's I thought it was awesome. :)