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I really do not know that anything has ever been more exciting than diagramming sentences. Gertrude Stein

01 March 2009

Colorful Insults

"You are lower than a hog's belly."

"You are so low you have to look down to look up."

"You got no more sense than a boiled egg."

"If brains were dynamite, you wouldn't have enough to blow your nose."

"You nasty, yellow-bellied, sneakin', lyin', pestiliferous scorpion!"

"You monstracious, cockeyed, good-for-nothing, snaggletoothed gaub of fat!"

"You egg-suckin', sheep-stealin', toad-eatin', frog-hearted, flop-eared groundhog!"

"You filthy, turtle-backed, snake-headed, bowlegged ton and a half of soap grease!"

...Because calling people names should be fun!

3 people love me:

Eva said...

creative and hitting the spot without really using the worst language! my favourite is the last one. ton and a half of soap grease!!

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

Man, remind me not to get you mad at me.

I posted my running playlist this morning and linked you. Hope it's helpful.

Kari said...

Wow. This was quite an enriching experience, I really am bad at insults. I will try to work on that.