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15 January 2009

A Fluke

The strangest thing happened today. Trés bizarre.**

I was productive, and I mean, really productive. I got some stuff done.

I am, by nature, what one might call of the lazy persuasion. A slouch. I'd much rather sleep all day, only arising to ascertain something mighty delicious to chew or sip, and then go lay on the couch for a long nap afterwards.

That was not my day today. Or any day really. It's just what I aspire to.

Today though, was different from the usual strong résistance [say it with the accent] to get up from the computer chair. I didn't even sit in the chair until almost 11 and let me tell you, that is a feat. I couldn't sit though, because I had to get my house shipshape (or as they say in Danish, i fin orden) by noon because we were having a visitor--a contractor/builder-person-man who would do a walk-through, even into my bedroom.

[Just to illustrate the task set before me, let me tell you a quick story. Last week, I lost My Precious. Maybe you've seen it before? If you've seen me, you've seen it because I wear it almost as often as I wear my skin. My gray sweater coat. Lost it. I LOST IT! I called here and there and everywhere - even to places I KNEW I hadn't brought it because you know how you do that when you lose things. You lose your mind. Where, OH WHERE! could it be? What if it's gone forever?! I searched everywhere. You know where I finally found it? Mmhm, it was in my room. Buried deep beneath a mountainous mountain of other things.]

And so now you can clearly see what kind of pickin' up I had to be doin' in the span of 2 hrs. And I did it too! And you know what I thought about for the rest of the day? How good it felt to have such a clean house by noon.

I could've sat down all day, for the remainder of the afternoon, eatin' chips, and my house would've been fine. [Well... if I had tied up Puddin', that is, because that child is a MESS. I lost count of how many times I made him stop digging in the trash today. Or wiped up something he had spilled. He's like a little untrained puppy dog. If you've ever had one in your house, you know what I'm talking about. But dang, he's cute! ]

I did not sit down for the remainder of the day, though. Instead I decided to cook some stuff. Dinner was leftovers - some tasty vittles, too. So, I decided to try two new recipes. Homemade hot chocolate made with condensed milk hallelujah and amen, and I also tried my hand at marshmallows [or as I like to call them, Marthamallows].

I hope that tomorrow I can remember how good it felt to get all of that done today. But if that falls through, then maybe I can just settle for my "ideal day" as illustrated in paragraph three.

**And about all the French you're seeing here lately... I'm way smarter than y'all thought, huh? Or maybe I changed the settings? I really just wanted to see the date in French. The rest is lagniappe. They gave me that for free.**

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Anonymous said...

I don't speak French, but I have to chime in that "lagniappe" is the best word ever created!

bren j. said...

I DO enjoy a good homemade "guimauve." They smell awful when you're making them, but they come out so nice and tasty in the end. Storebought simply cannot compare. If I wasn't try to cut back on the sweets, I would be all over that hot chocolate you mentioned too.

And cleaning, yes. It feels SO good to get stuff done, but like you, I'm "de la persuasion paresseuse."

Tonja said...

ah, here's where the french entered...i was wondering...i like it, even though i may have to use the translation dictionary every now and then to interpret :)

can't wait to hear about the results of that contractor/builder guy.

Jodie said...

Tonja: I have to use the translator too! My French is nowhere near the accuracy you see here. Seriously, it's pretty pitiful when you consider how many years I put into learning it. :) I hit one button and BAM, they did all the work for me!