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14 January 2009

Public Service Announcement


I went to WalMart this morning. I hate WalMart. But I can't stay away.

While there, I decided to peruse the women's clothing section. (Because I can never stay away from the Women's Clothing Section). Seems I'm always in need of new tops. Oddly enough, the Women's Top seems to be my fashion achilles heel. I can buy awesome Outerwear, Footwear and Accessories all day--no problem. The thing I always have a shortage of is good shirts. I was feeling pretty hopeless, like I had an innate inability to choose cute, affordable, well-fitted shirts. The only thing I felt confident buying was something very much like a gussied up t-shirt. Perhaps something with elbow length sleeves if I was going for "fancy".

And so I'm looking around, not finding much of anything. As usual. And then BAM! Out of nowhere I see this tiny section of CUTE shirts. I mean, these clothes were nice.

And nice is not usually my go-to word when I'm talking about the clothes at The Walmark.

Of course I don't love all of it, but I saw lots of stuff I'd like to have. Look at what I bought today. I think tomorrow I may go back for it in purple. WalMarks (with their trickery) won't let me copy their images, and so instead, I have to link to them. Crafty little devils.

The brand is called To The MAX.

Look for it. I mean, if you can tolerate long check-out lines, grim cashiers and a generally filthy store and parking lot, that is.

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Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Look at you with all your French...whooo hooo! :-)

Your new top is cute! I can't stand going to WalMart, either. They always move stuff around and I get irritated trying to find something that I KNOW was JUST HERE!

Uhem, sorry. I get all flustered. But I can't help myself either; saving money is just too important to me. :-) And I know I do save money there on most things.

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

I know I say this EVERY time...but you really do crack me up! I love love love your writing style girlie.

And the shirt...fab-u-lous. If it weren't 30 below zero outside I'd totally brave walmart to get me one.

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

Wow. I almost didn't know what to click on to leave a comment, Frenchie.

Anyway, that shirt is super cute. If I ever have to go back to WalMart, which I hope I don't, I'll have to give the women's clothes a look-over.

bren j. said...

Oh that IS cute! I'm not a huge fan of our WM either, but we don't have anything else that's cheaper around here. Alas, no Target and Kmart is SO MUCH WORSE. At least ours isn't all that grungy though - it just got a renovation last fall/early winter and is pretty nice inside. The cashiers though.....oi....I once had one who didn't know how to spell zucchini ! "Is that spelled with an 's' or a 'z'?

bren j. said...

I meant:
Pousse ! Je me suis juste rappelé que j'allais signaler mon prochain plus long commentaire en français. Oh bien, la fois prochaine !


Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

very impressive.
You know I used to find diamonds i nthe Walmart rough here and there. recently tho, man. Tac-ky.

So this is a good sign.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Oh, the cuteness! I haven't ventured into the womens clothing section at walmart in a long time - next time I'm there I will have ot check these out.