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13 April 2008

Spring Fashion Fiesta

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Welcome to my closet. As usual I am late to the um, soiree. Call it fashionably late.

See what I did there?

The play on words? Yeah. Mama always said I was a smart girl.

Well Big Mama is hosting a big ole fashion extravaganza at her pad, and since I've long been a fan, and this looks like fun (although it also fills me with some low-grade anxiety), I'm gonna play along. I mean, truth be told, real people see me in this stuff all the time so it's not that big a jump to show the entire interweb right? Plus, you know how the saying goes, if Big Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

Or something like that.

I posted my coveted fashion pictu-mentary a few months ago, so I tried not to use the same photos, although I love some of that stuff so much that I had to show you again. Because this is a post about what I want. That's what we do here.

So here's a basic rundown of what I have. What you might call my interchangeable uniform. Look alive people. Look alive.

White 3/4 shirt and my one pair of jeans. I'm tempted to wear this every time it comes out of the dryer.

My accessory wall in my closet. The fancy way - on small nails.

The ever-faithful black gym pants. Mmm-hmm. I am a veritable haute couture fashionista. I got game.

These are the shoes I wear the most -
The daily shoe, the flip-flop.
The other daily shoe - the tennis shoe.
The dress up shoe - a strappy wedge that I heart big big.

The strappy wedge side profile. She's ready for her close-up now, Mr. Demille. And upon closer inspection, she is also ready for her replacement.

Black flip-flops -

I just wanted y'all to be able to see the very deep trenches in these shoes. That's how much I wear them.I am a slave to the flip flop but I'm really trying to find a more grown-up version of them. These have never done me wrong though, even in January. Because yes, I wear them year round. We live on the equator and summer's look like this:
cartoon from www.weblogcartoons.com

Cartoon by Dave Walker. Find more cartoons you can freely re-use on your blog at We Blog Cartoons.

And I think in early August someone evil, does in fact turn on a small fan heater. Thank you for that. Whoever you are. Satan.

Here are some other things I would love to wake up to every morning. I would be so sassy. Do you concur? And quite different from my daily garb, no? But you know, none of these says " "spit up on me" like my What the Dizzle Big Scrizzle Bizzle? t-shirt. I cannot chase my Puddin' or my other two chirrens in these fancy clothes. These are made for places with real napkins and hands that are not sticky with chicken nugget grease and apple jelly. Except for those cropped jeans. I could wear those every day. With flip flops, or flats, not cute little sandals like that wispy model is wearing.

Now I just want to go shopping!!!
For more, go over to Big Mama's House.

8 people love me:

Trina said...

Love your sense of humor! LOL I gots small chirren myself so I relate to the chicken nugget grease :)

However, I am a slave to fashion so I do try to wear those kinds of haute mama clothes on a daily basis. I just can't help myself. But somedays, like yesterday, I stayed in my pj's all day LOL

Glad you participated in the Fiesta. It was fun huh?

Hope you have a chance to visit mine :)

Linda said...

I like everything you've shown here. What does that mean? I'm a young woman trapped inside an oldie's body. Some people get gender reassignments; I want a year reassignment. I think I just got an idea for a post!

Jodie, 28 said...

No Linda, it means my taste is timeless. :)

Leigh said...

Love your closet. PLEASE email or post on my blog the wwebsite where those clothes pics came from in dream clothes. I love the 2 yellow dress, the black top and the cardigan. LOVE!I enjoyed stopping by your blog. I hope you will come and visit my fashion fiesta!

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

Ok, it's definitely time for us to go shopping together. We must set a date. I love all your stuff, especially the yellow dress.

By the way, love the pic of "Jesus."

Mommy to Savannah said...

Too funny! I would love to have some of those "dream clothes" myself (I say this as I sit here in my tank top and black workout pants). Oh well. Someday!

marina said...

it was fun and I had fun looking at your clothes and I loved your accesory looks great all neat on the wall mine are in a draw everywhere,blessing,marina

Anonymous said...
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